Bodybuilding Recovery

Food For Muscle Recovery

by AntiAgingByDesign


This is the AFTER segment of our Before, During & After Athletic or Physical Activity.

After exercise or weight lifting it’s all about recovery, and specifically the food for muscle recovery.  First you need carbohydrates and fluid to replace the glycogen and water you’ve lost during exercise.  You also need protein to help repair any damaged muscle tissue and to help build new muscle in response to exercise.  A post-exercise protein shake that also contains the right amount of carbohydrates, as soon as possible after completing your exercise session, can make a huge difference in how your muscles recover and be ready for your next workout.

A classic clinical study conducted at the University of Texas found that consuming a combination protein and carbohydrate shake immediately after exercise and then again 2 hours later actually optimized the anabolic recovery state post-exercise.  So muscle energy recovery was faster and more complete with a combination formula than either protein or carbohydrate alone.

Sports Recovery Drinks

People doing regular workouts may benefit from that first shake and not need the second.  Serious athletes or people who are training hard for an event and need to maximize muscle recovery can get great results using the findings of this research that shows consuming a shake right after your workout and then again 2 hours later is optimal.

When it comes to recovery, what you eat and when you eat it, after exercise, is almost as important as the workout itself.  Why is protein so important post-workout?  First of all, protein is a major component of muscle tissue – and proteins which are made from different combinations of 20 amino acids or so actually direct a multitude of bio-chemical reactions within your body as well. [click to continue…]