Take the 30 Day FEEL BETTER Challenge

The 30-day FEEL BETTER Challenge is a guaranteed way to start feeling more energy, feeling more healthy and focused, and building good health for the future as well.

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The plan is to take a Protein Shake and the Vitalizer Strips every day for 30 days.

Keep reading to learn more about Vitalizer – 80 nutrients inside one strip of 5 tablets plus a probiotic (triple encapsulated pearl) – and Shaklee’s unique Plant Protein.

These are not the regular vitamins you find in the grocery store or even health food store. They are the only vitamins that have a long term (20 year and 10 year followup) supplement studies behind them. No other brand has done that. No other brand does the research or the clinical studies that Shaklee does. It’s the only reason they can offer this kind of guarantee.

If you don’t FEEL BETTER – significantly better – after taking these daily vitamins and very unique protein isolate each and every day for 30 days, well then ask for your money back!

Note:  You can also take the Protein Shake + Vita Lea multivitamin/multimineral and still have the same guarantee, if you prefer a multi over the more comprehensive vitamin program in Vitalizer.


Plant Protein Shake has always been 1/2 of the FEEL BETTER duo. It is available in both Soy and Non-Soy options and there are also different formulas based on carbs and sweeteners, including no-carbs options.

The other half is a daily vitamin – either Vita Lea, multi-vitamin/multi-mineral or Vitalizer (consisting of Vita Lea + extra Vitamins A, B, C and E + Fish oil + a probiotic + more — a total of 80 nutrients – all in one convenient daily strip of 6 tablets).

This video presentation tells you all about Vitalizer and its unique ingredients and 4 delivery systems that help make sure the nutrients get to the right part of the body at the right time to be able to be absorbed into your cells and help you feel healthier.

If you choose Vita Lea – a comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral on it’s own, instead of taking Vitalizer, you will still get key foundation nutrients your body needs every day. 

The 30 Day FEEL BETTER Challenge is to take the Vita Lea or the Vitalized Strips along with your choice of Shaklee’s Plant protein products (Soy or Non-Soy). With this combination, you are sure to feel significantly better in less than 30 days, though we have always dubbed it the 30-day challenge.


If you only take daily vitamins you are missing a HUGE PART OF THE FEEL GOOD DUO! Shaklee created the country’s very first plant protein isolate because Dr. Shaklee believed very strongly that taking a plant protein supplement every single day is so beneficial to your health.

There is so much research and so much science behind Shaklee’s plant protein products and all so that they can offer to you a guarantee that you will feel better and be healthier taking it.

We have had this audio presentation about Shaklee’s soy protein for a long time. It’s a great listen presented by a guy who is passionate about sharing the health benefits of Shaklee’s unique soy isolate shake. Keep in mind, the Non-Soy formula that Shaklee worked so dilligently to create has all of the benefits of the soy – which was the country’s very first protein isolate product over 60 years ago.

Plant protein makes that much of a difference in our daily lives. Truly. Especially when taking it in the morning because it balances your blood sugar levels right away, for the start of an energized day!

Click: LISTEN to Soy Presentation.

When I first started taking soy, I would take it through the week for breakfast each morning, but not so much on the weekends. Now, when I don’t take it, there is a noticeable change in the way that I feel.. that I don’t like.

I like how it is low glycemic and balances my blood sugar levels from the start of my day. It really does make a difference for the whole day when you eat (or drink!) a healthy breakfast.

I prefer how I feel much better than when I eat most other breakfast foods. Plus it makes me feel good to know that I am starting the day off doing the best I can for my body with this particular plant protein source.


We have other articles that go into more depth about both Shaklee’s plant protein and Vitalizer. The links are below. Plus, when you start the challenge, you will receive more info about both, especially how they can HELP YOU, throughout the month.

Have an ENERGIZED, fantastic 30 days!!

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