Easter Bunny and Children’s Health

Happy Easter to all! Yesterday at a local grocery store, the Easter Bunny was part of a fun effort to promote children’s health. Helping to improve the lives of children by talking about eating healthier is a great way to give back to the community.

Here is a link to access more information about children & health eating: Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children.

Also worth checking out is a website where you can get help with: Healthy Grocery Shopping Lists.

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4 thoughts on “Easter Bunny and Children’s Health”

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  2. You are right.. healthy eating goes a long way toward building good health. I just heard on a conference call this evening that obesity and diabetes rates are going to continue to go up and they are already at alarming numbers. These issues increase chances of developing heart disease and many other illnesses and shorten life spans. We have choices and can do better!


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