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Do you believe that feeling great and looking young is well within your control, and much easier than you think? We can’t do much to avoid turning another year older on each birthday, but we sure can impact how we look and how we feel. And that should be fabulous and fantastic!

Do you assume that it is inevitable you will get wrinkles, your memory will slow down, and risks of all kinds of diseases of aging go up? Well the good news is that science, scientific research, has come a long, long way – and we have many more answers today than we had even 10 or 20 short years ago.

Here’s the truth: your lifestyle choices – the ones that you make each and every day – are going to determine the results you get. Good choices = good results, and conversely, bad choices = aging the old way.

It may not be the first time you are hearing these suggestions, but stick with us and read till the end – because if you’re not getting the results you want, consider this the ‘new way’ to fight aging.. and JUST DO IT this time! (you’ll be so excited when you start seeing the results)

miami anti aging

It’s All About Choices

Dietary Choices – Yes! What you eat makes a difference.  It’s the cells in your body that age, and contribute to making you LOOK OLD and get sick.  We build new cells every day so you can REVERSE the aging process.  What you expose those cells to and feed them determine their health and longevity.

Lifestyle Choices – Also a big contributor to the aging process.

  • Get good rest/sleep as many nights as possible (7-8 hours)
  • Do some kind of exercise – even walking is great
  • Stop smoking and drink only moderate amounts of alcohol.

Live Chemical Free As Much As Possible:

  • We can’t control all the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to daily (there’s just way too many)
  • We can control many of them – many that we bring in to our homes. So we make the choice NOT to bring them.
  • Find a natural health and wellness company that GUARANTEES results!

Guaranteed Results

Assuming that you want to age in the ‘new way’ – let’s look at some not only PROVEN, but GUARANTEED anti-aging solutions and benefits.

miami anti aging

First, as we age, our bodies need more of certain vitamins. We process nutrients differently and have increased risk for illnesses and disease – the nutrients can help fight off those risks.

Vitamin D, Vitamin B (complex), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids, Probiotics, and a multi-vitamin that covers the broad spectrum of nutrients your body needs every day have all been proven in a 20 year landmark study of food supplements.

Research in skin care and personal care products has come a long way as well. We know that some of the chemicals that are used in many store brands are associated with not only aging, but illness and disease, even cancer.

We now have better choices of natural products that keep the chemicals away from our skin and from being absorbed into our bodies.

Water: pure, clean, natural water is something that benefits your body in so many ways – and should be the main liquid you drink every day. If your water doesn’t ‘taste good’, it probably has some chemicals still in it that you can taste. Plus bottled water is not usually the most filtered.

Being healthy, feeling energized, and looking younger are now CHOICES. You can have them. And when you find a brand that GUARANTEES them, all the better.

During the month of May, 2012, you can try any of the products below and get a free membership that saves you 15%. We are an exclusive brand, and we welcome you to join the family. We’ll give you a free pass (with any purchase) and we guarantee EVERY purchase!

With no risk, there’s not a reason we can find to stop you from ordering today. When you order from every category, you are going to be FIGHTING AGING from multiple positions. And you are going to feel so much better.. we GUARANTEE IT!

Note: Every time you clink on an image below, it will open in a NEW WINDOW and take you to the store website. You will still have this page open on your computer and can click on the other images. If you add them to your shopping cart, the new windows will keep that cart current. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us from either website.


miami anti aging nutrition


VITALIZER – the #1 way we recommend to get started on your natural nutrition because there are 80+ nutrients that support every organ in your body.

+1 – Cinch Shake – most of us need to lose at least a few pounds. A Cinch Shake in the morning balances your blood sugar for the day and helps set you up for healthier choices all day long.
(You will be amazed how it satisfies your appetite, and energizes you, all morning long – it will be lunch before you realize because you didn’t feel hungry at all between meals!)

miami anti aging vitalizermiami anti aging protein



ENFUSELLE – we can’t say enough good things about this Anti-Aging, nutrition therapy for your skin. It’s not your imagination – our skin ages faster than we do thanks to the modern world of free radicals (pollutants). Enfuselle helps you reverse your skin’s aging – the patented Vital Repair+ complex is backed by 55 years of science and actually encourages you to have healthy cells that result in more luminous, younger looking skin.

AM formula, PM formula and Toner to help (especially the PM) spread better. The results are going to be fast and amazing! The whole line is fantastic so if the budget permits, go for it all (remember, it’s GUARANTEED!).

miami anti aging skin care


Don’t forget that there are chemicals in many personal care products like shampoo, hair conditioner, hair spray, shower gel and other body cleansers, toothpaste, deodorant, lotions. As you replace these items that you use daily, try the natural options and test if you ‘feel the difference’.

miami anti aging natural


Water filtration is another area that has benefitted from science and research. We can now find choices that are certified to reduce lead (popular store brands still do not do this), and filter even more industrial and agricultural pollutants now than just a few short years ago. You will spend just pennies a gallon with a water pitcher and refillable carbon-block filter system.

Another important way to improve your health is by drinking more pure, clean, natural water every day.

miami anti aging water

So there you have it. Change brands of products you buy – and watch the years come off before your eyes! Feel great! Enjoy not getting even common illnesses as often as you did before. And FIGHT AGING. Because you deserve it!

We have fallen in love with this brand – 100% because of the results that we get. Bottom line with everything is RESULTS! This has been your Anti-Aging nutritional and generall wellness arsenal, in a nutshell. There are targeted nutrition solutions as well and we would be happy to talk with you about them.

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