hydration athletes

hydration athletes

This is the DURING segment of our Before, During & After Athletic or Physical Activity.

As an athlete, you may need more than water to hydrate. If you train daily, work out at intense levels, factor in the air temperature and humidity – water may not be enough although it is still the primary way to hydrate. If you are looking for a clinically proven way to hydrate better than water, including getting more electrolytes and more natural energy than leading hydration drinks, you will want to read on.

If we give you too much info here, our apologies.  We don’t want to hold back the great scientific information that supports some really good solutions for your hydration, and we hope you’ll read through to the end.  These are solutions so good that once you try them, you won’t want to be without them.  But first, the what, why, how, science, clinical proof, etc of HYDRATION.

Energy Drinks for Athletes and Proven Science

Of course you know that your body needs water for survival. In fact, water makes up about 60% of your body weight. When you play sports, exercise, sweat or when the weather is hot – you can lose water fast. How can a sports drink for athletes help you stay hydrated and give you more energy for your activities? Kids and adults both need to plan for hydration during physical activity.

This article’s purpose is to help you learn more about the science behind hydration and a natural sports drink for athletes, including when it is important to choose more than water for hydrating, read on:

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