10 Anti-Aging Techniques

anti aging techniques

Anti-aging – almost a negative sounding word and yet it’s a positive thought. Anti-aging is about taking care of yourself, living a healthy lifestyle so that you can fight the challenges that come as you age.

How beneficial it is for you to take care of your mind and body as you grow older. When you take care of yourself, it slows the aging process and you can stay fit and alert well – and have great quality of life as you progress through your senior years.

The major components that contribute to optimum health are your daily diet, your physical activity (don’t be sedentary), and an active brain. When you pay attention to these key health elements, you can help yourself stay young.

Consider some fantastic anti-aging techniques you can use each day:

1. Take antioxidants – they help keep your cells healthy and are vital to your health. Remember that you make new cells everyday and what you feed them determines what you get back out. Antioxidants reduce free radicals that contribute to common diseases in aging individuals.? Fruits and vegetables are great sources of antioxidants.

* You can also get great antioxidant benefits by taking daily vitamins.

2. Exercise and strength training. Exercise helps to stop your body from breaking down. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also get a lot healthier at the same time! Physical activity helps increase your stamina, build greater muscle strength, have better balance, more focused thinking and a stronger immune system.

3. Stay alert and sharp. I have seen people at different stages of memory issues, dementia and Alzheimers, and I can tell you that I will fight hard to avoid it.  You can keep your brain sharp by being constantly aware of your surroundings. It may sound simple, but often we let our minds drift and don’t really focus on the present moment. When you do, you can make quicker and more accurate decisions.

4. Learn new things. When you get stuck in a rut, your brain suffers a lack of stimulation. I really think that with all the information that we have available to us today that there is no excuse not to keep learning. You can access pretty much anything on the internet, and if you don’t have a computer or internet connection you can go to the library and have it for free.

5. Challenge yourself. Here’s another area where we are not lacking. There are abundant ways to challenge yourself. Using the problem solving portions of your brain is always helpful. If you don’t, skills will fade over time.? Games and puzzles are excellent for keeping your brain active.

6. Avoid stressing about health issues. You see statistics everywhere about the diseases of aging – health challenges that are more likely to affect you as you age. Prevention is great but worrying and stressing is not good for you – it will reduce your quality.

7. Get an adequate amount of sleep. Restful sleep is very important. You should try to get good sleep every night because is very important for your good health. 6-8 hours every night is the number you should be working toward. Your body and mind need that time to rejuvenate, and when you repeatedly skimp on sleep, it shows up in your life as stress.

8. Avoid smoking and alcohol. I really believe that smoking is one of the biggest ways you can risk your health. There’s nothing good about it – only harmful side effects throughout your body. It also ages your skin and the rest of your body prematurely. You should stop this habit yesterday! Alcohol in small amounts won’t hurt you but too many of us drink way too much. If you abuse alcohol, you are increasing your risk for illnesses and diseases.

9. Concentrate on skin care. You can look younger when you take care of your skin. Who doesn’t want to look younger? This is another choice you can make because you will see results if you establish a daily skin care routine and try beneficial anti-aging gels and creams.

10. Reduce grains and sugar in your diet. White sugar and flour are pretty much poison to your health. Instead, choose a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables because it’s better for your health and helps keeps your calorie intake at a manageable level. Carbohydrates are necessary for your nutrition, but too much processed foods or fast foods are associated with increasing your insulin levels and speeding up the aging process.

So there you have it:  10 Anti-Aging Techniques to help you stay young, look young and feel young. If you take advantage of these strategies every day, you’ll notice a big difference in the way you look and feel.

Turning a year older each year doesn’t have to be synonymous with deterioration. Take care of your body and mind and you will feel great through your golden years!

anti aging

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