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It is that time of year again.. the dreaded Allergy season.  There is a great testimony that was recently shared that I will post below.  But first, we have been talking about the household cleaning products that we may have in our home, and the fact that they may contain harmful chemials and toxins that have been linked to allergy challenges that many folks have. 

Well, for some, there are allergy symptoms year round, and that is not fun.  It can help a great deal to remove toxins from your home – toxins that trigger nasty allergy symptoms.  Sometimes that alone is enough for some people to get relief.  The products in the Healthy Home Pack can replace all of the other brands you may have in your home right now that are contributing to your allergy grief.

Now for that testimony.. thanks to Jerry for sharing this with the field. 

There are many types of allergies.  Both environmental and genetic factors play a role.  I have mainly a grass and tree pollen allergy.  Had them since I was 17 years old.  My bad sneezing season is May thru June with some minor symptoms in September.  The  symptoms I get are uncontrollable sneezing and itchy eyes…

The main goal is to build the immune system to combat the allergens that affect your immunoactive responses:  Here are my top 10 things I did that reduced my allergy symptoms from grass and tree mold. 


  1. Close the windows in your office and house.

  2. Get an AirPurifier* (check this brand) to rid the indoor air of pollen. The air purifier allows the body to maintain a stress free immune system while you’re indoors.

  3. Place AirPurifier* in bedroom(s) during the day. The ultra violet light in AirSource kills the dustmite feces that cause allergic responses. 

  4. Get new pillows for your beds if your pillows are over two years old because of the dustmite excretions. Wash and change pillow cases, regularly.

  5. Switch from toxic to non-toxic cleaners – toxic chemicals (Get Cleaner*) have found to cause asthma and allergies in come cases.

  6. Start an Anti-Allergy Shakle* Suppement program: Mine is… 

  7. I take 3-4 capsules of Imm Form I* every morning. On a bad day, I have to take a second serving in the afternoon.

  8  I also take a full serving of Alfalfa once or twice a day.  Before Imm Form I* was available, I had to take 3-4 servings per day. 

  9. I carry a baggie of Alfalfa in allergy season, when I travel, play golf or go boating.  I take 3-4 tablets any time I sneeze.

10. Another Shakle* supplement, the pre-biotic and post-biotic, seem to help me with my allergies, also. It works in the GI tract. 


Many people are getting good results with Shaklee’s new Interferon product instead of Immunity Formula I.  It is a blend of four Asian herbs.  Imm Form I*, on the other hand, is a blend of 10 immunoactive nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  I personally, get great results with Immunity I so I haven’t switched.  Everyone is different.  So, it’s best to experiment to find out what works best for you.  Nutritional therapies usually work. (Be sure to consult your allergist doctor if necessary.)


Good luck this allergy season!


*Product names are changed to comply with company policy.

On a personal note, I have also had a great deal of success with the Imm Form I* product.  One spring, out of nowhere, at age around 42, I developed allergy symptoms similar to Jerry’s… triggered by grass, tree pollen, and I remember the flowers at church that Easter had me sneezing and eyes watering uncontrollably.  I was amazed at how 3 or 4 of those wonderful little capsules took that away!  In addition, I added some other immune building strategies and I don’t have the allergy symptoms anymore (so thankful for that).

Imm Form I* and This brand Interferon* -You may also link to other immune information from these two sites.  It may be very worthwhile to check out some natural alternatives (THAT WORK) for your allergy symptoms.. and even pass along the information to family and friends, co-workers, etc.

Can you help us out by sharing?

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