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Last week at the Annual Global Conference, the New Basic Nutrition Foundation product was introduced and detailed. Full information on these food supplements is now displayed on the company website. You can learn about how there are now 80 bio-optimized nutrients that are clinically proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life. Now that sounds exactly like what we are looking for don’t you think? Feel great now, and build future good health to be feeling good as we age. Sounds good to me!

This bio-optimized term is not to be taken lightly. What I took from the presentation of this new system is that just one of our delivery systems for just one of our products is worth more $$ than the entire vitamin deck of another popular brand. That is pretty amazing.

Science does not stand still and neither does this company. There are new combinations in this foundation product, new delivery sytems and due to this science and research, the amount of the product that gets absorbed in our bodies (bio-available) is increased significantly, even with less of the ingredient itself. I heard a presentation where one product alone had half of what the serving size was previously, and yet there was 200% more absorbed. Wow! I find that pretty amazing!

There was a landmark study done over a period of 20 years. Soon the results will be published and information will be shared with all of us in the field via the company website and also a unique website targeted just for this topic. One little preview is that the results absolutely blew everybody away. Of course we knew the difference of this brand, the quality and the results that are so dependable. Now everyone is going to know. They will see the results in print and there will be no comparison with many well-known brands.

This new nutrition foundation product comes in a 30 day box of strips that are so convenient for both home and to take along with you.. to work, just out for the day, vacation, etc.

The individual products are based on 12 clinical studies, and provide the best spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics.

Benefits you will see: supercharged vitality, enhanced immunity, stress management, antioxidant and DNA protection, heart and brain health, bone and joint health, digestive health, breast and prostate health.

I invite you to check soon for the new Vitalized Nutrition Foundation to be posted soon. I know packages will start shipping around August 26, so info should be on that site soon.

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