Alternative Health Choices Talk Shoe Radio Podcast

Are you searching for answers to some health challenges?  Do you want to build better health for your future?

I would like to introduce you to My Talk Shoe Broadcast and invite you to visit.  You can listen Live online, download to your computer, or download to your ipod to take along and listen.

My show is called Alternative Health Choices and there are already quite a few episodes posted.  The very first one is an introduction to the show and to me, along with an overview of the format that I have planned.

After that initial show there are some great company presentations posted.  My goal for this podcast is to give lots and lots of health and wellness information so that we can all be in charge of our own good health for now and for the future.  The company has put out some very professional sessions on different health issues and concerns so that the listeners can make informed choices.  There is information on great, healthy lifestyles to promote wellness and feeling good every day. 

Life is all about choices and we have so many.  Doesn’t it feel good to make some decisions, be able to cross one more thing off our list?  And if your better health can be a result of one of your choices, well that is a wonderful thing!

I invite comments and suggestions for shows as well.  I hope you will visit Talk Shoe soon.

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