Amazing Eyeliner Testimony for All to See – Pass it On

I was so excited to receive this eyeliner testimony via email today.  Of course I believe in this brand’s complete line of makeup, including eye make-up, but to see an official test conducted and a professor impressed (and surprised) by the results is indeed a feel-good moment.  

Please feel free to forward this blog entry to any women you know.. so you can let them know about a safe alternative for a product that can make them sick.  And just as important (I know because I wear eyeliner myself) is the assurance that this eyeliner works great.  The Shakle* make-up line is high quality, skin nurturing and feels great to wear. 

Hi Kitty, 

I just wanted to share an important testimonial with you!  Recently, our son, Steve was home from college and he shared some startling news with me.  You remember Steve is a second year pre-med student.

Well, in his Quantitative Analysis class (a high level Chemistry course) they recently conducted a study on various eyeliners.  It seems the class conducted various tests on dozens of different brands of eyeliners to determine if any mutations occurred when they came into contact with human DNA.  Steve shared with me that he had snuck one of my Shakle* eye pencils into the mix to see how it would fair.  He confessed that he took it without my knowledge for fear that if it didn’t do well, he could spare his dear old mom from dieing a hundred deaths over her beloved Shakle* failing the test.  Well, he shouldn’t have had any fear or worry because the results absolutely shocked his professor! 

It ended up that every single eyeliner (except ONE!!) resulted in skin cell mutations.  When I asked Steve to clarify what mutations truly implied, he looked at me squarely in the eye and said, pre-cancer cells, Mom.  Well, the professor went absolutely nuts asking the class who had brought in the Shakle* eye pencil.  Timidly Steve identified himself as the culprit and the professor said, this is the only sample that not only didn’t damage the cells but actually fed the cells and kept the DNA intact.  Boy was Steve pleased with himself and our Shakle*!!  He very proudly explained that the sample was his Mom’s from her Shakle* stash.  It turns out that the professor was really bowled over because he has conducted this test in class for the past several years and anticipated what the results would be, so needless to say, he was amazed to discover that a product of this quality and caliber actually exists!  Pretty cool, eh?  

Of course, we know about Shakle*’s science and unwavering commitment to health and wellness so we aren’t surprised are we, Kitty?  Still, it’s awesome to learn once again that our Shakle* truly is a gift to our bodies!!  It gives me a lot of confidence knowing I can trust the Shakle* science to back up our claims that our products truly are the best on the market!!  Thanks, Shakle*!!


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