Anti-Aging Dream Plan B: Begin at any age! The Sky is your limit.


We know that stress is a major contributor to aging, and well, to decreased quality of life. If lack of money and financial security, or the inability to pay for extras that you would love to have is stressing you out – and whether your are 18 or 81, let’s look at an anti-aging Plan B.

Are you looking for a way to increase your monthly income?

You may or may not have a job that pays well. If you don’t, it is obvious that it would be great to increase the money you earn. If you do, you may still have the fear that you could lose your job and then would find yourself struggling to pay expenses and maintain the lifestyle you enjoy.

Work hard for yourself!

Some people are entrepreneurial in that they have a desire to work at something that they are in charge of and they can control. Whether your goal is to work toward being a full-time entrepreneur or part-time income, it is just very desirable to be building something for yourself – maybe your retirement, or some extras that you want right now. Plus maybe you think, if you can work well for someone else (J-O-B), why can’t you build something for yourself?

Immediate tax deduction

You may be interested in tax advantages. If you earn a lot of money, you need more deductions so you can pay less taxes. If you don’t, well then you need to make more money with a Plan B home business like this and you can still get immediate tax deductions for some things that you already pay for and are now deductible expenses with a home business. When you have the intent to make a profit (which is the main reason for starting a business, right?), you are eligible for these deductions.

Make a Difference

Does it appeal to you to help people create better lives for themselves?  We help people feel better, live longer, have better quality of life, and of course offer a financial solution to help improve their lives.

Do you understand leverage?

One of the advantages that attracted me to building a business of my own in this industry is leverage. If you think about it, there are lots of people that want this same opportunity to earn more income. This business allows you to offer them the same – something of REAL VALUE.  Plus, partnering with a few others creates leverage because you earn from what they do as well as what you do. In fact, this partnering makes your business grow much faster.

Repeat business

Also, when you represent consumable products, people buy month after month and you earn residual income that keeps coming month after month. You can continue to work and add to that. At some point, even if you don’t work as much it continues to grow on its own because people will always talk about the products and the income they earn – this becomes a viral event that spreads.

Dream Plan Crushes

The new Plan B Dream Plan was compared to all of the best income plans in our industry – home-based network marketing businesses. Shaklee’s plan that took 5 years to design proved to be the best paying. Period. So not only do we have the best products that are the foundation of the business, we have the best pay plan as well. This is huge and let’s look at some numbers to see why.

Making money

First, let’s point out that traditionally, it has taken time in our industry to really ‘make money’. If you were one of the super go-getters, maybe you made money quick. For most, however, it took time to build regular income.

That has changed. The new compensation plan includes the most lucrative pay plan in the industry PLUS bonus money that starts immediately and is paid weekly.  There is a detailed plan to show you how to make over $100,000 in your first 15 months.


You can’t own a business and not work. You can’t really have a job and do no work. The difference with starting a home-based business is that you are working for yourself. Every minute you work, you are building something for yourself and your family.

Fast Track

In terms of the potential to earn $100,000 or more in the first 15 months of your Shaklee business, there is the FastTRACK program. It is designed to reward milestones to building your business by giving incentives in the form of extra cash bonuses on top of regular income.

System:  3 Steps & Repeat

Fast Track has a very simple system that you simply REPEAT over and over again.  You start by ordering a Gold Ambassador or Super Gold business program.  Next you find 3 other people who want what you want and have them purchase the same.  While you do this, also look for 10 people or families who want to build better health, lose weight, use green cleaning products or pure and natural skin care and personal care products.  Repeat this process over and over.


I want to address a concern that comes up when I talk with people about marketing a product:  I don’t want to ‘sell’ to friends or family.

The nature of network marketing is to refer something of value (similar to how you would refer a favorite restaurant, movie, or place to shop.  Your something of value is Shaklee products.  It is OK to refer these products to people you know because:

1-  They are so good

2-  They really work GREAT!! – have been changing people’s lives for over 54 years.

3-  There is a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee – they are that FANTASTIC!

4-  Is it fair to hold back a suggestion that can improve the lives of people that you know?


When you start a Shaklee business, you don’t have to worry about ordering products for people, taking money, shipping products, paying sales tax, hiring employees or many of the headaches that brick and mortar companies have.

You don’t have the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment to pay and then years until you start to see black in your business (those red years are rough).

Market your business

Your main job will be to refer products that are guaranteed to work and to find other people that want to do the same.  How hard can that be?

You can talk to people you know, get referrals to talk to, use the internet or any number of ways to market or advertise.  There are tools that will support you including, videos, dvds, brochures, flyers, websites, and PERSONAL support by your sponsor and upline group.

Online Store

You will have a personal website from Shaklee that is a secure ordering and information website.  People will learn about the products and the Shaklee opportunity from this website and when they place an order it will be shipped by Shaklee direct to their home.  You will get an email confirmation of the order and track your business via a back office distributor website.


Your focus is to share.  Keep it simple.  Follow your system.  Rinse.  Repeat.  The Dream Plan allows you to see growth and fantastic rewards for your efforts.


There are 2 ways to start your business where you have full access to every earning opportunity of the Dream Plan, including Fast track.

GOLD AMBASSADOR –  qualifies you to all benefits of building a business with Shaklee + a sample of products to try that will introduce you to this #1 brand.

SUPER GOLD – Click on Super Gold Tab on Next Page –  the ultimate way to start your business because you receive products from all product lines to get an immediate experience with the brand (or re-sell the products – your choice) + a great start in volume for your first month.

Video to learn more:

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