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Yesterday, on Earth Day 2009, Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett joined Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in SanFrancisco, to plant the 1 Millionth Tree from the company’s One Million Trees – One Million Dreams campaign.  One million trees is truly a fantastic contribution to out environment that has been supported by our entire Shakleee family.  We have great news for a new campaign that will change lives.

These are revolutionary times that we live in.  There are people struggling, many people, to meet their monthly bills and are looking for a way to earn more income.  At the same time that many companies are failing or closing, there are others like the Shaklee Corporation that are growing.  This means that there is opportunity to bring people who need something more TOGETHER WITH a company that can offer them more.  We call it the Land of And.  The opportunity to do well AND to help others do well.

At the event yesterday, Roger announced the company’s new mission to offer 1 Million people a new economic opportunity this year.  I call this an Anti-Aging Home Business for several reasons:

1-  You have the opportunity to represent the anti-aging supplements that belong to our #1 Natural Nutrition company.

2-  We have taken any stress that can lead to aging (!!) away because you are extended an opportunity to start a home business at no cost.  Where else can you start your own business and be in cash flow the very first week?

3-  You won’t have a boss, or a certain time schedule (definitely anti-aging!).  You are an independent and will get out of your business what you put into it.  The sky is really the limit here with no income caps unless you put them on.

4-  The business plan we have has a very cool anti-aging feature:  it pays you forever!  That means that ours is a business that creates residual income, money that is paid month after month, year after year.  It is one that you leave behind to your family.

5-  We have product and marketing information available as well as tools and support that are targeted to help you build a successful home business.

6-  You can start right here, right now.  If you and/or your family can use more income right now, you can partner with a company that is growing, that represents 5 major growth trends for the future, and can help you have the life you want and be in charge of your financial future.

If you want to learn more, contact me today or follow the link under the video..

Is a  HOME BUSINESS a home business part of your financial portfolio?

Are you looking for another stream of income?

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