Anti-Aging Lifestyles: Driven By Passion and Purpose..

Why do we choose to live a healthy lifestyle and feel great – energized – every day? I think it is to pursue our passions and purpose in life.. the things we really care about.

Lots of people just try to ‘get through’ their workday and then live for what they really like to do. I hope that is not the case for you, because if you do love your job, all day – every day – at work and at home – you will be filled with passion, driven to take good care of yourself for right now, and be building great health for your future so that you have quality of life as you age.

This blog has an exciting new direction. In addition to posting info about health and wellness, we are going to post videos that we shoot ourselves.. of people living their lives.. at work.. at play.. pursuing their passions, or lifestyle choices that have made a difference in their lives. We hope you enjoy the stories and we welcome your comments and feedback.

We will also post videos that you may have missed online and that have a relevant message. They will be educational, enlightening or entertaining. If you know someone who can benefit from what you see here, please pass it on by email, Twitter it, or share on your favorite social website.

We shot two videos today.. timely events with local business owners and their fall (season) stories.  We will put them online after a video that I found yesterday and wanted to share.

We encourage you to take advantage of the ’email a question’ section at the top left.. if you have a health challenge or natural nutrition question, send it to us!

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