Anti-Aging News

Anti-Aging News & Natural Health Discoveries:  It’s up to you to take charge of your good health and enjoy an energized, pain-free, healthy body till you’re at least 110!

Her are some links to news articles and below that is a list of health news websites to help you keep up to date with the latest discoveries and ways to stay young looking, young feeling, healthy and vibrant!

In the News

Tai Chi Linked to Longevity – lots of other anti-aging content on this site.

Safety matters with energy drinks as well as all dietary supplements


Anti Aging and Health News Sites

Yahoo News Health – a #1 resource for anti-aging and health news

Fox News Health – we enjoy their Sunday House Calls as well as health news.

CNN – there’s a general health category and also good sources such as the Living Well section.

Health on NBC News

The Huffington Post – direct link to their Anti-Aging content

New York Times Health

Los Angeles Times Health

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