Calorie Restriction Linked to Anti-Aging Resveratrol

If you did not see the CBS 60 minutes feature on resveratrol.. have a look at the video below.  In addition to all of its anti-aging benefits, research on the benefits of not only disease prevention but current disease, AND the healthy side benefits folks are experiencing, resveratrol is the most exciting thing we have right now in our quest to live more (quality) years.

While a ‘pill’ might be years away, it is fascinating how the same scientist from Harvard who is interviewed in this video about discovering the link to resveratrol is the same one that partnered in developing our  brand’s natural resveratrol supplement, the world’s only cellular anti-aging tonic (something we do have available right now).  I remember personally hearing him say that he takes this brand faithfully every day, and how excited he was about the potential of what this natural supplement can do for us.

The idea that we may have something available to us that can potentially trick our body into thinking it is on a calorie restriction diet is an amazing thing.  A calorie restriction diets is the one true way to manage our weight, and yet we can’t do it on our own because we have to cut too many calories on a daily basis.

It is important to do our research when looking for natural food supplements.  With resveratrol specifically there are options that are more pure, and are formulated with other beneficial ingredients to deliver 10 X more results than other brands.

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