Apple Harvest Feeds a Healthy Lifestyle

Mrs. Hinish from Hinish Farm Market, Roaring Spring, PA, shared some tips on how to make delicious apple cider with the new apple harvest. An apple a day keeps the doctor away so the saying goes. With all the ways to enjoy apples, we should be in excellent shape.

Thanks to Mrs. Hinish for taking time from her busy schedule to talk with us today.

It was easy to observe how caring Mrs. Hinish was with her customers at the store. They are a family owned Orchard & Farm Market. They have their own apples available year round and grow sweet cherries, peaches, asparagus and lopes. There is an in house bakery that bakes daily offering fresh breads, pies and cookies. Hinish Farm Market has jellies, apple butter, dressings, crafts, and make custom fruit baskets.

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