Assets Produce Income – Your Health and Wellness Home Business is Your Asset

Assets produce income. Yes, it is true. A million dollars in the bank can mean the same to you as building $5000 worth of residual income per month. Folks, it is not brain surgery. It is a home business. Hopefully a health and wellness home business. And it is very lucrative.

Did you know that good times in the direct sales business happen in adverse economic situations. Even though the economy is not favorable for many of us, it is the time to think about starting a home business since it has proven so successful in the past.

What do you think holds people back from creating a better life for themselves?

Home business is available to everybody. However, many home businesses do not product significant income. That is a fact.

Why is this?

Most probably, it is the company or the product that the home business owner chose to represent.


It will MAKE YOU or it will break you.

Choose a company to associate yourself with that has a long-time, proven track record, choose a product with absolute integrity and that will appeal to everyone.

And if selling is a concern for you, one does not need to be a sales person.

What is needed is:

1) A strong WHY

2) and ACTION

A great addition to these two requirements is a Personal Success Coach and team of associates for mentoring and support. This is available if you do your homework.

If you like sales, well then sell your heart out. If you don’t like to sell, well then ‘invite’. If you are creative, plan different ways to invite people to look at your product. The opportunites are truly endless. If you think you don’t have any special skills, you would be best to go for the numbers. Invite, invite, invite, invite. If you invite enough people to look at what you have (and you have made sure that what you have has quality and is reputable), you will build a great business.

When most people retire, they take a cut in pay. If you build a home business that has created residual monthly income, there will be no cut in pay. In fact, it can continue to grow as you cut back work time. With a few busy years building a business (earning more money during this time for now), that monthly residual income will growing, and can allow one to enjoy an early, prosperous retirement.

When I did my homework, I chose a company that had been literally right in my home for almost 20 years. I wouldn’t have to be too smart to think that if my family had used products for that long, and I was also getting them from my distributor for friends and family, wouldn’t it make sense to take a closer look if I was looking for a home business opportunity?

Was I ever happy to find that this company had THE BEST compensation plan in the industry?

Was I ever happy to find out that it did not take a large investment to get started, and I did not have to stock piles of product and go into debt doing so?

Was I ever happy to find out that even after 50+ years, this company is expanding and growing and I can become an international business owner (that sounds so important and yet it is only about inviting folks from far away to look at what we have – and the internet makes that very available)?

Wask I ever happy to find that there are coaches and mentors and associates all willing to help and support me as I grow?

What was I waiting for?

What are YOU waiting for?

I invite you to click around this blog for more information and then link out to my company site. You are most welcome to contact me to discuss anything you have read or see here.

Vicki -Once you click around and explore (doing your homework), Scroll down and click on “Thinking about a Business of Your Own?”

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