Autism Awareness with Dr. Oz and more


I was searching for information about Autism, in preparation for a local event that benefits children and families affected by it.  Today I am sharing some information from a few trusted sources.

In our next post will be at the local Walk Now for Autism Speaks event on Saturday, June 12, 2010, in Altoona, PA.  The statistics related to children who develop autism are shocking.  I had no idea that there are currently 1 in 110 children who are diagnosed with autism.  And 1 in 70 boys is on the autism spectrum.  To me, this is alarming.

On Dr. Oz’s Question & Answer page, he addresses, in an easy to understand way,  a theory about how autism is developed:

Ask Dr. Oz

When we’re infants, we have all of this brain material compacted in a small space. Like tree branches, they overlap. That garbled anatomy makes it difficult to do some things, such as making decisions, because the jumbled structures crossing one another make it nearly impossible for our brains to focus on one thing.

As we get older-3, 4, and 5 years old-our brain starts deciding which branch points get developed and which sort of fall off. So the more we use certain parts of our brain as toddlers, the more we develop those kinds of neurons, while the opposite holds true for those neurons we don’t use. The way we train our brains at an early age actually has an effect on which of those neuron systems will become good and strong and which won’t.

In autistic children, the current best theory goes, those underused links don’t fall off, meaning the jumbled mass makes it more difficult for autistic children to focus because too much is going on. This is different from Attention Deficit Disorder, which affects the ability to concentrate. Many of us actually had it as kids (but it was rarely diagnosed years ago), and difficulty concentrating on only one subject can be something we even carry into adulthood.

That explanation of neurological development can partly explain why our brains function in certain ways as we age. If we didn’t listen to music as a child, or learn how to ski, or learn to speak French, then it becomes more difficult to learn those things as an adult because those neuron connections aren’t developed for processing the necessary information.


There was news this week on Autism research and it centered around genetic links to developing Autism.  Scientists say the finding could lead to genetic therapy to treat the disorder.

From:  Rare Genetic Patterns


Autism Research at NICH


Another Autism Research website.

Walk Now for Autism Speaks
, Altoona, PA, June 12, 2010.


4 thoughts on “Autism Awareness with Dr. Oz and more”

  1. Danielle Swims

    If our child has certain triats or charactoristics that have been linked to Autism but have not been diagnosed, what are some things we can do as parents to try and help with the progress of our children. Is there anything?

  2. Dr Oz used his show to influence the public, and to confuse the issue of vaccines causing autism. I’ve been reading about this for 15 years, since my son’s normality was stolen away after he was experimented on by so called safe vaccines. This show was not a debate, it was planned and predetermined like a kangaroo court. It was monopolized and directed by Oz himself as he gave those “experts” he kept referring to all the time they needed, while those opposed never had opportunity.

  3. If it were my child, I would talk with my child’s doctor and have the child evaluated for sure. There is help available in terms of personal or group attention. I am thinking about the show Parenthood and the one child has Asperger’s. He has a TSS support person who works with him one-on-one. That’s a general example that I thought might be easily referenced, but I know several TSS personnel that work with kids and can be quite helpful.

    In terms of nutrition, I believe that sometimes nutrients are lacking in a child’s diet. Usually a high quality multi-vitamin will show its effectiveness in terms of a healthier child, and extra vitamin C can help if the immune system is challenged. Also some nutrients have been associated with early brain development and even behavior concerns. Fish oil would be an example. A 100% natural pure DHA source is recommended (you definitely don’t want chemicals or other contaminants in a supplement for your child).

    Hope that helps. Keep in touch and I do wish you the very best. Parenting is my favorite ‘job’ of anything I have done in life!!

  4. Hi there. Thanks so much for visiting. I am so sorry for your experiences. You are not alone in them as there is much written and spoken about on this subject. I am not a professional medical person and can not speak with any authority on the subject. It is a complex one and there is much disagreement. I do wish you all the best with your son. Are you able to access the resources you need for help and have you tried natural nutrition products to help address any specific areas?

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