B-Complex and Lecithin for Nerve Pain

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Why would B-Complex and Lecithin help you with various nerve related problems in your body?  Both are nutrients that have benefits for your nervous system.  I know people that have managed their pain from carpal tunnel, tendinitis, tennis elbow, leg pain and other nerve pain by using these two nutrients together.  Let’s take a closer look:


One of the things I like best about B-Complex is that it’s the happy vitamin.  Take enough B vitamins and your mood is better.  The problem is that many people are deficient in B-Complex.  The reasons are mainly due to our diet and lifestyle.  White flours, sugars, fast food, convenience food – can all pull B vitamins from our body and they are low in nutrients to begin with.  Stress also effects your levels of this important nutrients.  Unfortunately both of these are very real in our lives.

If we don’t get enough B vitamins in our diet, or we are losing them due to our diets, there is a need to take a B-Complex supplement.  There are several considerations that are important if you want to take a high quality natural supplement of B vitamins.  In nature, you don’t find isolated B vitamins – you find all eight of the known B vitamins in a pretty good balance when you find it in food.  It makes sense that a supplement should provide the same if you want to get optimal results.

The other very important measure of a good B vitamin supplement is how well it will get absorbed in your body.  Do the vitamins get into your blood stream in the correct amount?  Folic acid in particular is very hard for the body to absorb.  Your brand of B-Complex should be able to show that you will be able to absorb all of the contents that are listed on the bottle.


Your body needs lecithin to function normally, especially in your nervous system and brain where the largest concentrations are found.  Lecithin is found in your muscles as well as your nerve cells.  People use lecithin for nerve health and nerve disorders.  There are other potential benefits as well, such as:  strengthening weak muscles, boost brain function and memory, and improve your balance.

Choline is found in lecithin and plays an important role in your brain transmitting electrical messages to your nerves – we all know what it feels like to have nerve pain in the body right?  Not fun.  When our body processes work as intended, we don’t have pain and we feel pretty good – our B vitamin levels are high and we have ample lecithin.

I remember reading about why I would want to use Lecithin instead of a choline supplement:  lecithin can cross the brain-blood barrier, and choline can not do that.  We need choline in our brain tissue and we need lecithin as a carrier to transmit the nerve messages.

B-Complex and Lecithin Results

Carpal tunnel is a painful health condition that seems to be more common lately.  That might be due to more time sitting at a computer, or possible using a gaming system for hours on end.  Surgery can be indicated for relief from carpal tunnel pain, though the problem with surgery is that it is not always successful and may need repeated if it does work for a time.  The combination of a certain amount each of a good quality B-Complex that will get absorbed in your body and a high quality, natural Lecithin supplement has been used to manage carpal tunnel pain.

In addition to helping your nerves, each has other health benefits.  To learn more about high quality natural supplements B-Complex and Lecithin, and how they can help you have healthy nerves and manage your pain, visit:  B-Complex and Lecithin for Nerves.  The amounts that I have personal experience taking and hearing testimonies about (with our brand) is to take 6 tablets of each for at least 30 days.  After that, you can experiment and see what your body needs to feel great!

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