Beef Recall is yet another Scary Health Challenge

Beef tastes great right? Just like most of what we hear about our diets, the word ‘moderation’ should apply. Why you ask? Well if the recalls due to contamination and now mistreatment of animals is not enough, how about the fact that it is not the most healthy protein we can choose.

Today I wrote a press release about the attributes of Soy Protein. You can read more about the facts at the link below, so allow me to share some personal thoughts here.

Beef and Soy Press Release

Before trying this brand soy protein, I was NOT a soy user. I did not like the taste of the soy options I could find and so I did not ‘choose’ to partake!

We live in a fast-paced, busy world and most of need at least some of our meal choices each day to be convenient and, well, quick is good. Taste is important also, especially if we are going to be consistent with a healthy food.

These are the reasons why I love Soy Protein from this brand. There are several choices and I happen to like them all. This gives me variety as well as an excellent healthy food to consume everyday.

I wrote in the press release about all the healthy benefits of soy, and how it is a better protein source than animal proteins. I also wrote about what sets this brand apart, from the way the soy is processed to the quality of ingredients used. Here I would like to concentrate more about how you can make this part of your daily food choices.

In the morning, the first food of the day is so important for your body to get started right. Balancing blood sugar levels at this time can make a world of difference in how you feel throughout the day. If you eat more protein, you are going to stabilize your blood sugar levels and feel more balanced until your next meal. If you eat too many carbs, especially the bad choices of carbs, you are going to have a high and then a little while later, a low, in your blood sugar levels. This translates to fatigue or at least sluggishness through your morning hours.

I really like the feeling of balance.. or the body being satisfied and feeling energized all the way from breakfast until lunch. Soy will do this for you, at least this brand will!

Choices are great also, and there are quite a few here. There is the main Soy Protein product the brand makes. It is your protein part of any meal, and can either be eaten with other foods, or you can add something to the soy to make it into a meal. Fruit, peanut butter, and other ingredients can be combined in a blender with Soy to make a delicious shake that is a full meal. There are two flavors and also an option that only has 1 carb per serving for diabetics or others that choose low carbs.

Consuming soy every day is very quick and easy – so don’t be afraid to get the blender out. A minute to make a shake, a couple to drink and another minute to clean the blender.. you can’t cook a meal or even eat a bowl of cereal (that is much less nutritious) any faster.

There are also Soy Shakes that are complete meals, with other nutrients added to the soy. Great flavors of vanilla and chocolate are available and these choices are great for kids. You can not taste the soy at all in these shakes.

There are weight management shakes that are complete meals and come in four delicious flavors. In addition to soy, there is leucine added into the shakes which helps with retaining muscle while trying to lose weight. This is an excellent product whether you are trying to lose weight, or just maintain.

Finally, there is a muscle recovery protein product that contains both soy and whey proteins that is great for the active person or weight lifter to use. Plus don’t forget that we all have that big ‘heart muscle’ in our body – that needs to be healthy. A scoop of the muscle recovery protein is very beneficial for each of us to eat on a daily basis.

All of these protein powders can be a meal choice for each and every one of us every day of our lives. Until you experience how your body feels when you take the best protein source of all each day, you may not be able to relate to these statements. I feel pretty sure that when you do try, you will believe!

My best advice is to definitely use a blender, and put a piece of ice (you only need one regular size ice cube to make a great difference) with your protein powder and liquid (water, milk, juice or combinations of these) to get the best taste of all.

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