Belly Fat Exercises: Burn Belly Fat

fat around the middle

Before we look at belly fat exercises, let’s consider why we are seeing a lot more fat bellies today than ever before. If you are not active and you don’t have a super high metabolism, or you don’t watch what you eat in terms of calories, chances are it is a challenge for you to burn belly fat.

We live a much more sedentary life than our parents or their parents did. Computers and gaming systems, television and other gadgets have changed the amount of physical activity we get daily, weekly, overall. On top of that high fat diets have taken over across the nation. Overweight and obesity are now common.

Many of us work in offices and we drive to work. We may sit all day and then go home, exhausted to sit all evening until we go to bed. That is in contrast to previous generations where more men were doing physical labor and women worked at home and in the garden or on the farm, being active most of the day and naturally able to burn belly fat.

You may battle weight issues due to a genetic connection. Maybe your body cannot process food efficiently, or you digest your food slowly, or you have a low metabolism for another reason. If you have these issues, and are not getting enough exercise (even walking), chances are that you will struggle more with belly fat.

Our bellies are growing bigger because we’re not exercising to keep them trim as we eat more calories. So what kind of belly fat exercises can you do to flatten your tummy?


Belly Fat Exercises


belly fat exercises


Exercises to lose belly fat are simple, in fact some of the most basic physical activities of any.

Do these exercises to fight belly fat. If you commit to doing them daily for 2-3 weeks, it becomes a habit and you should be seeing results. This will motivate you to keep going until you reach your flat belly goal.

(Remember to do a warm up routine first)


  • Running, fast walking, or whatever level your health permits
  • Rapid sit-ups (if health permits)
  • Push ups (if health permits)

There you have it. It’s not hard, but it also won’t work unless you do it. So if you want to lose your belly fat, Just Do It.

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