Benefits of Drinking Water

How much water do you drink daily? One of the first things I remember learning about when I started to study natural health and trying to live more chemical free is the value of pure drinking water.

As you can see in the infographic below, there are significant healthy benefits of drinking good old plain, pure water every day. Not mixed with sugary or even diet free options, but all by itself.

I like the suggestion about making it a habit, and setting up certain times of the day when you will remember to drink your water. That works with other habits you want to target or change.


anti aging benefits of water


It’s important that when you do start drinking more water that you aren’t drinking more chemicals that may not be good for your body. You can go on the EPA’s website and plug in your zip code to check the chemical situation in your area. If you need to filter your water for healthier drinking results, check out the system I have used for many years:  Shaklee Get Clean Water.

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