Nutrition Alerts: Benefits of Zinc Supplement

benefits of zinc

Zinc is present in all cells in your body. As part of enzyme reactions, zinc is involved in such diverse biochemical activities as protein digestion, amino acid metabolism, energy production, bone metabolism, vitamin A utilization, and insulin production.

Zinc is necessary for growth and development, and to maintain normal immune function. It is also important for the synthesis of protein and the genetic material DNA. A study of the role of oral zinc in the treatment of acne showed that a zinc supplement resulted in an 85% decrease in acne scars in 4 weeks.

A good quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement will contain the zinc you need every day that you might not be getting from your diet. Taking a ‘multi’ every day is like nutrition insurance and is your first step to better health.

Today we know that we aren’t getting all the nutrients we need from our diet. That’s due to several reasons. One is the kind of diets we are eating: not enough fruits, vegetables, lean forms of protein and whole grains, and too much processed, low-nutrition food. The other is that even some of the ‘good food’ does not have the nutrient content that it once did.

It is hard to get all the nutrition we need to be healthy from our diet alone. If you get sick often, lack energy, or don’t sleep well – a high quality, all-natural (you don’t need to put more chemicals in your body with a synthetic vitamin) multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement can make a world of difference to you right away.

Some people need extra Zinc – beyond what is included in a multi. If you do, there is a separate Zinc supplement available – with 15 mg per tablet. Shaklee Zinc also includes 120 mg of Calcium.

Nutrition Alert: Is Your Body Lacking Zinc?

Lose zinc in perspiration

White spots on nails

Loss of taste, smell and appetite

Slow healing

Prostate problems

Delayed sexual maturity


Fertility problems

Nerve damage


Benefits of Zinc Supplements

Promotes healing of wounds and burns

Protects eyes

Improves prostate health

Necessary for detoxification of alcohol

Essential during pregnancy and lactation

Decreases premature delivery

Improves common cold and sore throat when used as a lozenger

Zinc is a trigger for 200+ different enzymes in your body, with the functions ranging from making the genetic materials DNA and RNA to helping the metabolism of fatty acids. It is a well-known antioxidant and helps fight infections, promotes healing, and combats colds and sore throats. Zinc is essential for sexually active men because zinc is lost through the semen. It is important for women who are pregnant or nursing a baby.

You may have heard zinc referred to as the growth mineral. That is not just for kids, but for cellular growth in every stage of life. Zinc may be depleted by high alcohol intake, excess perspiration, strenuous activity, stress, lactation, estrogen therapy, and processed food consumption.

To learn more about Shaklee Zinc, visit Benefits of Zinc.

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