Best Fat Loss Diet of 2013

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Every year millions of people search for the best fat loss diet. Did you know that people go on an average of 4 diets per year? That seems like a lot to me. The first is usually at the beginning of a new year – quite often as a New Year’s resolution.

When a new year begins we have high hopes and are in good spirits. We want to get healthier, look better, be more organized and set goals that we want to achieve. These are all good things, as long as there is action behind them.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

So if we believe, we can achieve. And if our ‘why’ is strong enough, we will keep working at it.  Back to weight loss..

Best Fat Loss Diet


What would make one fat loss diet better than another? One thing is what powers the weight loss program. In this case it’s called Leucine. And what if there was a plan: 90 days to take off the weight and 90 days to learn how to keep it off?

Leucine is an essential amino that your body doesn’t produce on its own that helps you maintain lean muscle mass. When many people go on diets, they lose muscle along with fat. Muscle burns calories and fat so you want to hold onto your muscle and lose fat pounds instead.

Your muscle will even burn calories while you’re sleeping so its essential that you don’t lose muscle.  To take it a step further, when you do lose muscle during a diet, it can be easier to regain weight once you stop dieting.

This is the reason why people go on 4 or more diets per year. They lose weight (the wrong way) and then gain it back again when they go off the diet. And as you gain back weight, it’s mostly fat. If you’ve already lost muscle during the diet and then gained back fat, you’re worse off than when you started to diet.

Leucine Powered Weight Loss


It makes a lot of sense to think about muscle during weight loss. We’ve already said how muscle burns calories and better than fat. Leucine was discovered for weight loss as scientists researched healthy athletes who consume protein for both energy and performance. When they consumed leucine they had the benefit of lean muscle that helped with performance and managing weight that also benefits performance.

Leucine actually signals your body to keep your muscle. This is a great tool for a weight loss program. Clinical studies showed that people who used leucine during weight loss lost almost all their weight from fat while retaining nearly all of their lean muscle. They lost 4 inches around their waists and almost 3 inches from their hips.  Both reflect fat loss – not muscle loss.

leucine clinical research

A leucine powered weight loss program targets losing 1-2 pounds per week, or 15-20 in a 90 day period. The key is losing weight the healthy way because you will be able to maintain the weight loss and enjoy sustaining your new goal weight.  It’s not a fast weight loss program because that is usually not sustainable.

Another important consideration is the inches that you lose. When you lose fat but keep your muscle, your body shape changes. You begin to lose inches even faster than you lose pounds. Clothes start to fit better and you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Losing inches can be pretty dramatic.

Conventional diets often see people losing up to 40% of their weight in muscle. It’s not wonder that diets aren’t working. When you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down, you burn fewer calories each day, and it’s so easy to start gaining weight back again.

Another thing about conventional diets is that they don’t address the ‘after-after’. After you lose weight, how do you keep it off? And once you’ve kept it off in the short term, how does it stay off long term?

To learn more about weight loss powered by leucine so that you hold on to your muscle that burns more calories and helps you keep your target healthy weight, visit:  Best Fat Loss Diet.




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