Biodegradable & Green Are Staples of Brand

We can do our part to help the planet in many ways.  One important way is to green-clean our homes with safe, clean, non-toxic cleaners that are healthier for us and for the environment.  We can also help spread that message because it really does affect all of us.

Long before Green Was Cool.. Almost 50 years ago in fact, when a famous environmentally friendly household cleaning product was developed, the word biodegradable was not yet a household word. I am not even sure if it was a word at all, but it did describe this brand’s flagship home cleaning product.

Companies and individuals around the world are ‘going green’ now. I represent a company whose founder was always environmentally conscience. He made sure the company was built on that kind of foundation, and would keep the same legacy.

There are many green products that are imported to the USA. This brand has produced green products here in the USA for over half a century. The products have withstood the test of time, and the home cleaning line has increased to provide products needed for every household chore.

In the area of performance (isn’t that what really matters when we want our house clean), this brand has been tested alongside other ‘green’ brands as well as the not-so-green (even toxic) store brands. Performance proved superior in every way, and to make using this brand even sweeter, it costs less per use.

The important difference to note is the concept of concentrated, which means one must adjust to using very small amounts of product that will clean powerfully well. Green products from this brand have a money back guarantee and yet I do not know of a product returned by anyone in our group. Performance speaks for itself!

To learn all about green cleaning with the environmentally safe brand of 50+ years, or to join us in spreading this important way to help our planet, please visit

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