Boost Your Immune System & Let Your Body Fight Invaders

The body has its own defense system called the immune system. You can boost your immune system, your first line of defense for everything from the common cold to serious disease like cancer, to fight invaders and disease. Having a healthy immune system helps us stay healthy. Finding healthy immune boosters will ensure the immune system stays healthy.

Our immune system is at work each and every day.  We come in contact with germs, bacteria, toxins, and viruses continuously.  Our big fears are disease, such as life threatening cancer, hepatitis, and even the flu.  We have challenging common illnesses like infections and allergies, asthma, and viruses.

The components of our body’s immune system are bone marrow, the thymus, the spleen and the lymph nodes. There are cells that are part of the immune system as well. Cells such as T-cells, natural killer cells, B Cells, Granulocytes, Macrophages and Dendritic are key components. These all work together to form a complex response when the body requires one against disease, bacteria, and germs.

The immune system itself fights infection, illness, and disease through what is called the immune response, which is really a collection of responses.  Interferon is a protein in the body that optimizes the immune response without overstimulating.  There are three different types of interferon in the body, each with its own distinctive immune building job.

A natural interferon supplement can increase the body’s production of all three types naturally so that your body is better able to respond to threats. It helps balance the immune response in your body and prepares your immune system to better handle common invaders and more dangerous invaders that cause serious diseases.

When the immune system is activated it works to eradicate the invaders, no matter what they are. The immune system is a vital part of our good health. We need it in optimum condition to stay healthy and happy. There are measurable things we can do to build our immune system, and they are tracked in the form of good health and not getting sick. Do you hear people say that they have not been sick in a very long time? Chances are that these folks are making good choices in regard to nutrition and other factors that are keeping them healthy.

Our first course of action is to keep our overall health in the best shape we can. This means we eat a healthy well-rounded diet filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Ensure there is enough protein in the diet as well. Lean meat, poultry and fish are excellent sources of protein. Low fat dairy and cheese also provide the body with essential nutrients. If it is hard to get these items integrated in your daily diet, a high quality soy protein shake is an excellent choice for optimal nutrition from protein.

It is also essential we keep our bodies in the best shape. The healthier we are the better our immune system will function. You should have heard the following recommendations from many sources. They are not just words, they have truth for good health. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise regularly and drink six to eight glasses of water daily. Avoid things that are bad for your body. Excess alcohol, drugs and tobacco can negatively impact the body’s health and the immune system. These are things that will aid in building a healthy immune system.

Two very important minerals that affect the immune system are zinc and magnesium. Both are needed for a healthy immune system. Unfortunately these are two minerals we often lack in our daily diet. Zinc can be found in foods such as lean beef and pumpkin seeds. Magnesium can be found in dark green vegetables, nuts and grains. There are recommended daily allowances for all vitamins and minerals although even many doctors now feel that they are too low because they are seeing more deficiencies when patients have blood work performed.

There are herbs that will also act as immune boosters. Millions of dollars are spent every year fighting the flu and the common cold. One herb you can take to strengthen your immune system and fight off these two culprits is Echinacea. It is commonly called the coneflower. It grows wild and is cultivated in North America. Studies at the University of Connecticut show taking Echinacea can cut the chance of getting a cold nearly in half. It will also shorten the duration of suffering a cold or the flu. It is thought to be an Immunostimulant, a fancy title for an immune system booster. Echinacea is not taken regulary.  When you are exposed to illness, or feel like you are getting sick, you take it for about seven days to give an immediate boost to your immune response.

Natural interferon supplements can be taken year round to effectively build a healthy immune system.  They work similar to interferon treatments that are used to manage many diseases. Interferon therapy is used in tandem with radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients. It is also used in Multiple Sclerosis and Hepatitis C treatments. Russia and Eastern Europe use interferon in low doses to treat common ailments of cold and the flu. There are very effective natural interferon supplements that are used safely to boost immune systems, help with allergies, asthma and other immune related challenges. Natural interferon does not have the side effects associated with more potent interferon.

On a daily basis our immune system is at work.  The healthier our immune system is, the better it is able to fight off the common and the more feared diseases. The more you do to boost your immune system the healthier you can be.

Watch this video to learn more about boosting your immune system with a patented, pharmaceutical grade natural interferon.

For more information on magnesium, zinc, and echinacea, visit pharmaceutical grade immune booster options here.

10 thoughts on “Boost Your Immune System & Let Your Body Fight Invaders”

  1. Hi five folks … excellent post … this information is more important to the way folks think about there defenses but only if acted upon … I think with all the intercontinental traveling we are exposed to more viruses than ever before so how our bodies combated diseases in the past few decades has changed dramatically … now people can travel from one end of this planet to the other within hours cross spreading air borne bacteria that our bodies once never would have been exposed to so its more important than ever to be aware of supplementing our daily intake clear pure water with magnesium, zinc, and echinacea…

    Rather be pinging you sooner that later
    Phillip Skinner

  2. The best line of defense that we have against diseases is our immune system. We must therefore ensure that it is always working at its best condition by eating healthy, having daily exercise, getting enough sleep, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and drinking lots of water. The article has stated that we have always been reminded about these things, it’s up to us if we heed these reminders or choose to ignore them at the expense of our own health.

  3. Interesting information about the Coneflower. I’d never heard that before which raises a big “cynic” flag. Why not? Something to do with pharmaceutical company profits I wonder.

    If you can walk into a field and get a solution that’s better for you and free it might make sense for the bean counters to keep in under wraps!

  4. Hi … A really great post and very informative. This is actually very timely as health issues are a huge problem and the increase in swine flu is making people very aware of their immune system and what they can do.
    I’ve always knew that diet was a very important factor and I notice that you have mentioned both magnesium and zinc as being vital to boosting the immune system.
    This can actually be a problem for vegetarians, so I here are some of my suggestions.
    Magnesium can be got from all kinds of beans and spinach, as well as lentils and chickpeas. These latter two also have good protein value. so you benefit both ways.
    Zinc is a little harder to get – as you say – but again beans and lentils both have good zinc values. The best value is probably from nuts (brazil, almonds, walnuts and peanuts) and also bran from wheat.
    Now, if you have a sweet tooth, then eat a little chocolate or drink cocoa! They have both magnesium and zinc, but don’t eat a lot!
    I really do like the information in your post and I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading more about the immune system and the herbs that you mention.
    Keep up the good work on this very important subject.

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  6. I totally agree with your comments on diet and eating healthily. In addition, I feel that we should always consume fresh food as soon as possible after it is harvested, before it starts losing its vitamin and mineral content.
    Does anyone else agree?

  7. Immune system is very important. I make it a point to keep my immune system healthy by taking supplements such as the products from

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