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In the past 38 years we have used all natural nutrition products to help us with both health prevention and health challenges that we have had.

We only use one brand because we have trusted that brand for almost 40 years now, and because they only make products that they research and can prove are healthy to use.

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Natural Nutrition for Health


Having trouble sleeping?  Thinking about a more natural approach to getting some help – a solution without side effects?

If you want to feel calmer, so you can fall asleep easier and get that restful sleep your body needs so that you feel refreshed in the morning, we have used an herbal formula with valerian that is safe.

Valerian has been used for over a thousand years because it helps maintain a calm state, promotes relaxation, and is a natural means of promoting restful sleep.

Gentle Sleep Complex is a unique natural combination of valerian, passion flower, and German chamomile.

“What we like about it is how that in addition to improving the quality of our sleep and helping us have better sleep patterns, it also helped to relieve muscle spasms and helped with heart palpitations.”


Passionflower and Chamomile Flower extracts are formulated with valerian in Gentle Sleep Complex. These ingredients help promote relaxation and maintain a calm state. You can also use it into make a calming tea to drink before bed.

how to sleep better

My Nutrition Story:

..followed by other testimonies shared with us

For 30 years I have been reading nutrition testimonials and sharing them as well.  It is something we do because we love using natural products and we like to help other people look and feel better too!  Did you ever hear someone say, “I take vitamins but I don’t know if they are doing anything for me.”  Well that’s something that is totally foreign to us.  We enjoy such great results and count on our natural nutrition products to help keep us healthy every day!

I was introduced to natural nutrition just a few months after I was married and had been looking for some natural solutions for digestive issues I was having, and that I didn’t want to have to live with for the rest of my life.  Doctors want to prescribe meds but for something that’s not life threatening I prefer trying natural solutions first.

I started to learn more about nutrition and how well my body can respond when it gets the nutrients that I am not getting from my foods and of course living as healthy a lifestyle as I can (not easy to do but we all try, right?!!).  Not only was I getting such great results with my digestive problems but also feeling better overall.  I wasn’t getting sick as often, not even colds, and having more energy every day was great – especially as four kids came over the next 8 years!

My husband, children, parents and extended family take natural nutrition supplements every day and I honestly can’t imagine life without natural supplements to help bridge the gap of the nutrients we don’t get from our foods.

Another thing I love is hearing stories from family members, friends, business partners and now, with the internet, from people from all over the country who get benefits from daily use of natural nutrition like allergy and astham symptoms going away, stress management help, joint pain relief, helping blood pressure and cholesterol levels, bone health, brain health, fighting diseases like Diabetes and cancer, and even improved sports performance.  What we like to focus on is:  ‘creating healthier lives‘.

Feeling great everyday improves your mood and stress levels as well.

We love the healthy benefits we get with natural nutrition supplements and how we FEEL those benefits every day!

Healthy Bragging


Amy shares her weight loss story:

“Sugar was my own personal demon.”

About a year ago, Amy was in “a bad space.” Her weight (220 pounds) had hurt her self-image, crippling her relationships with family and friends.

Whenever Amy felt stress, she reached for sweet relief—often in the form of sugary snacks, which did not help her weight or her self-image.

Because of Amy’s family history, she feared for her long-term health. Amy lost her mother and aunt all too soon, and her grandmother had passed away before Amy was born. As a mother herself, she wanted to see her 10-year-old daughter grow up to have a family of her own. Amy says “I felt like I was destined for a health crisis like others in my family had experienced. I wasn’t worth anything more than what my destiny was. That’s a terrible way to feel.”

But Amy persevered. Even though her mind was telling her she was a failure, her heart told her it was time to take a stand and make some positive changes in her lifestyle.

Shortly before her 40th birthday, Amy started a healthy weight loss nutrition plan. By the time her birthday rolled around, she already had dropped from a size 20 to a 16. After one year, she has lost 75 pounds and she’s now a size 8!

“I feel dramatically different now.” Amy says.”Before, I would make excuses to avoid going to family functions because I did not want to be around people and be seen. Now, no more excuses!”

It’s been over a year since Amy can remember eating any desserts, and she says the natural sugars she gets in fruits, vegetables and other whole foods have satisfied the cravings. While healthier eating habits have helped Amy to conquer her personal sugar demons, she also has introduced exercise into her everyday routine—and she recently laced up her running shoes for the first time in more than 15 years!

*Results not typical. Check with your doctor before you start any weight loss program.

Dan lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol and lost 61 pounds

“Thanks to my weight loss and my healthier lifestyle, my blood pressure and my cholesterol have both dropped. I am 61 pounds lighter and a healthier person.*“ Alan says.

When Alan went in for a physical, the news was not good. His blood pressure and his cholesterol were both up, and he faced possible long-term health consequences if he did not make some lifestyle changes.

“When my father died, I promised to take care of my mother and my own family,” Alan relates. “If I did not improve my own health, I was not sure I could keep that promise.”

Alan started a healthy weight loss nutrition plan to lose weight to help keep a promise he made to his father and he ended up creating a new life for himself in the process.

“It is amazing. I was not hungry when I was on the plan, and I now have lots of energy. I used to enjoy sports, but my weight made it hard for me to do some of the things I liked, such as running. Now I am able to have an active lifestyle again. One of the best parts of my day is my regular run,” Alan says.

Alan’s work life changed, too. “There were a lot of work tasks I hesitated to take on when I was heavier. They were simply too hard. I am now considered a leader at work because I am much more active—I can lead my work crew by example. It affected not just the tasks I do, but my attitude towards all of my work. I have more self-confidence, and it shows.”

Alan is also more confident that he can fulfill the promise he made to his father.

“Thanks to my weight loss and my healthier lifestyle, my blood pressure and my cholesterol have both dropped. I am 61 pounds lighter and a healthier person.*”

*Results not typical. Do not discontinue treatment or medications without first consulting a physician.


Probiotic and Prebiotic

Using a combination of Probiotic and Prebiotic produced improvements to my digestive system almost immediately.  My immune system also improved, as evidenced by reduced susceptibility and fewer reactions to environmental allergens.  The improvements were also noticed over the course of the following winter, as colds and influenza declined in frequency, severity and duration.

I felt that consistent use of probiotics and prebiotics prevent instances of minor illnesses that would otherwise necessitate a call-in-sick to my employer.  Preserving my income, by maintaining my health, largely offsets the cost of the supplement.

Phil W, Kitchener, Ontario

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