Can Children Benefit from Supplements?

benefits of childrens supplements

Anti-aging lifestyles really begin at birth. From the time we enter this world, nutrition and lifestyle become important. We wouldn’t think about giving junk food to a baby – hopefully not when a baby first starts to eat solid food. And yet, we give candy, high sugar drinks, and lots of other non-nutritious foods to our little toddlers and children.

All parents want their kids to grow up happy and healthy. However, every parent has a different mindset of what is healthy for their kids. Also, it is often not easy to get kids, especially picky eaters, to eat everything their body needs. Here are some common nutrients and vitamins that children often don’t get enough of.


  • Vitamin D – Studies show the kids consistently lack enough vitamin D.
  • Fish oil/ Omega 3’s – Kids often don’t eat a lot of fish. If your child is doesn’t eat fish at least twice a week or does not eat fish at all, they may need some omega 3’s from elsewhere.
  • Calcium – According to the federal dietary guidelines report, only 22 percent of boys and 15 percent of girls get enough calcium.
  • Many nutrients in fruits and vegetables – We all know that is hard to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies, but they need the nutrients from these important food groups.

These are just a few vitamins that children are often lacking. Now, of course we should always try to encourage our kids to eat the right whole foods to get these nutrients. However, if you notice that your kid is greatly lacking in one area, and cannot get them to eat, then this might be a great time to use some supplements.

All-natural food supplements can help kids fill in the gaps of what they don’t get from their foods, and can also really help children who have medical conditions. When looking for supplements make sure you are careful and are looking for the right supplement. Here are some tips when looking at different products.

  1. Look for children’s brands. Children’s brands are made with children in mind. The doses will be made for a kid’s body and not an adult one.
  2. Avoid ones with large doses of one particular vitamin- consumption of too much of some vitamins can be toxic. Try to stay away from products that have over 100 percent (daily value) of one nutrient.
  3. Be cautious. Supplements are not standardized and quality is not well-regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  4. Natural ingredients are better. When looking at the label of a supplement always choose natural ingredients over chemicals or synthetic ones.

childrens nutrition

In short, supplements are not a short cut to good health, but they do have their benefits. If you do decide to give your children supplements, make sure they are also eating a healthy diet. If you’re not quite sure whether your child needs a supplement or not, consult with their doctor to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition.

Growing kids need good nutrition probably more than any other age group. With frequent changes in their bodies, high activity, and constant growing they are in need the best nutrition. By giving them all the vitamins and nutrients they need, they will grow up to be strong and healthy. Also, by teaching your kids a healthy lifestyle growing up, it will be easier for them to keep it up their whole lives and hopefully inspire the next generation into healthy living.

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