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Can Your Immune System Fight A Coronavirus?

If you have a strong immune system, one that you are committed to keep functioning well, there is a very high probability that you will recover from this respiratory type virus. This is what health experts have been telling us from the beginning.

People most at risk with any virus are those with compromised immune systems or other existing health issues. The reason why so many people should be concerned is that there are a lot of men, women, and even children who have immune systems that are not in their best shape due to their lifestyles or illness(es)/disease(s).

There are a lot of people with health challenges every single day, and when something like a Coronavirus, that requires an immune system that will kick in and work to fight the pathogens, comes along, we have major problems.

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Immune Health

This week I watched a video from 2005, less than two years after the SARS outbreak. It was the year Shaklee’s very powerful immune system natural supplement, Nutriferon, was introduced.

When I listened to the words Dr. Jaime spoke, it sounded very real for our recent virus challenges. (The video is posted below.)

“Health authorities all over the world agree that protecting our immune health may be the very biggest challenge that we face in the next century.”

“We are a global people.”

“Pathogens are global as well.”

Protect your immune system.

We saw it with SARS 18 years ago and here we are again in an even worse situation, including because it is the first time that most of the world has been shut down at one time.

Dr. Jaime talked about how it used to take a new emerging virus weeks to months to reach different parts of the world – and now it happens in a matter of hours. That part continues to be true and we have known this for many, many years (remember this was 2005).

Are we more ready now than we were after that last pandemic? It sure doesn’t appear that way.

It is up to each of us to take care of our own good health, and to keep a healthy functioning immune system.

strong immune system

Immune System Problems

All over the world, many many people have a general weakening of their immune system.


There are multiple reasons, but most are driven by personal choices and behaviors.


We know that in order to have a strong, good, functioning immune system, we have to eat a good diet that includes healthy fruits and vegetables, the right kinds of protein including plant based protein, and the right balance of fats and healthy carbs.

The problem with our diet today is that there are too many bad food choices – processed foods that have virtually no nutrition. Even if we try to eat our best most of us don’t get all the nutrients we need for optimal health from our diet. I get that it is hard but also so worth it to do better eating.

What you eat is what goes into your cells and creates your health.


Some stress for everyone is good, but too many of us have chronic stress – from all kinds of big factors that may be out of our control and definitely are challenging, to how our lives are structured today – the busy-ness of our lives – so fast-paced, juggling a lot of different things.

Chronic stress weakens the immune system, to the point that it is not ready when we call on it to fight something like a strong virus that is being passed around quickly. The good news is there are natural ways to manage stress and anxiety (we like helping with this).


You may make exercise a requirement in your daily schedule, but there are also many people who prefer more of a sedentary lifestyle – that can actually slow down your immune system. The more active you are the healthier your immune system is.

This doesn’t have to mean intense workouts. Walking is activity and if you can walk, you can walk a little extra for your exercise. I have been doing over 50 workouts and learning that moderate exercise is actually better than intense for ‘women of a certain age’ and that is perfect for me!


Are you sleeping well every night most nights, getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep? A lack of sleep can cause all kinds of health problems, including with your immunity. Your immune system under functions when you don’t get the sleep you need.

Most of my life I slept well, even with 4 pregnancies, babies and raising them. Then came menopause and I struggled for awhile to get good, consistent rest. I could see personally that not sleeping well can change your health. Fortunately I found natural ways to get back to sleeping well (message me if you have any trouble in this regard).


Environmental pollution, chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to weaken us from the inside, and there is worsening pollution and toxins everywhere. Some we have no control over, but many we do. Cleaning products in our home, personal care products, skin care products – all of these have natural, non-toxic options.

There are challenges from the outside and challenges from the inside, and solutions for both.


There are always seasonal viruses like the flu that we get, and there are newly emerging viruses that we have no immunity against. Both get passed around quickly.

Colds, flus, allergies, asthma, Hepatitis B & C are year round challenges and some have no treatments or cures.

Certain bacteria has become more resistant because of all the antibiotic use, and that is a big threat to our immune system.

Viruses keep mutating and people keep getting weaker immune systems.


We have challenges from the outside and we have challenges from the inside. What do we do?

One thing that we can focus on doing is improving our immune system. When you strengthen your immune system, your body is better able to fight these exposures.

One natural solution is a supplement that allows your body to create more of the interferon that is produced inside your body and that powers your immune system.


Interferon is produced in your cells to go to work when they are attacked, if your immune system is strong. It tells your immune system what to do.

What if your immune system is not as strong as it should be? That is where a supplement may be able to help.

Nutriferon, a natural plant based supplement, boosts your interferon so that it is always there to activate your full immune system.

We talked earlier how your immune system is almost always under attack with daily living, and then there are the big things that come when your immunity may not be ready.

The video will show more about how Interferon was discovered in 1954 by Dr. Kojima. It is a powerful drug to treat disease but it has some very nasty side effects.

Dr. Kojima also believed there was a natural way to take interferon so that more people could take it to keep their immune systems strong and functioning properly. He spent 40 years studying that concept and put his entire life’s work into creating Nutriferon.

This is the video from 2005 – see how familiar you think it sounds to what is happening here in 2020.

Breakthrough Natural Immune Supplement

Protecting your immune health continues to be one of our biggest challenges – one of the greatest threats we face.

We are seeing ‘in real life’ how fast a virus or pathogen can come, and how fast it can spread throughout the world.

Protect Yourself

The best way that we can be ready for whatever threat we have to our health is to have a strong immune system.

There are multiple ways to keep a healthy immune system, taking care of yourself in the ways we discussed above.

We have different immune building products that we personally use. All are natural, food-based, and made as close to the way they are found in nature as possible, so that they are digested and absorbed in your body – into your cells – where they can help you be healthier. They are all clinically proven as well.

Some of these immune strengthening supplements are: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Garlic, Zinc and others.

The strongest immune building supplement that we use is Nutriferon.

Dr. Kojima studied thousands of compounds and hundreds of herbs to find 4 plant extracts that make up Nutriferon, that boosts the natural interferon in your body. It is clinically proven and we continue to be amazed with and thankful for this supplement.

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