Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack in Men

This week Michael Jackson, a man who was an icon to many, died from a sudden heart attack. Sadly, many of us know someone close to us who died from cardiac arrest or a massive heart attack. It is shocking and devastating. When heart attacks don’t kill you, they can leave you very sick.

Heart disease affects people of all ages, not just older folks. One of the first indicators may be high blood pressure detection, unless of course one is unfortunate enough to have heart problems already discovered as a child. That high blood pressure is usually monitored by a doctor and medication is often prescribed.

Other problems related to heart disease are clogged arteries, high cholesterol, even diabetes. Prevention is key to many illnesses and diseases, including cardiovascular disease. Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I say that we must be in charge of our own good health. Doctors talk about prevention to some extent, but their main job is to treat illness and disease. We have to plan to build our own good health.

How can we live a lifestyle that helps prevent cardiac arrest and heart attack? First, let me say that we are more educated now about healthy lifestyles than ever before in the history of man, or at least we have the opportunity to learn if we want it. Still, it is disappointing that there is still so much heart disease in the world today.

We know that we should get regular exercise and eat well, including diets with fresh fruits and vegetables, minimal white sugar and white flour, low fat, and try to stay away from processed foods and fast foods. We should get good rest and we should try to manage the stress in our lives. We need to eliminate smoke, both from smoking and second hand smoke. And we should keep a healthy weight, and that means lose weight if we are overweight and especially if we are obese.

I know, and you know, that most of us can’t ‘be good’ all of the time in regard to eating. I think if we make good choices most of the time, that can make up for foods that are not necessarily good for us like the burgers and fries, or the sweets. For me, those good choices most of the time are the natural nutrition supplements that I take ALL OF THE TIME, every day in fact.

Nutrition can build good health. That has been proven. From a high quality, pharmaceutical grade, daily multivitamin all the way to an anti-aging, resveratrol supplement that can fight aging at the cellular level where illnesses like heart disease and cardiac arrest start, there are options to build better health.

Fish oil, b-complex, magnesium, co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin E and soy protein are all ingredients that are heart healthy and available in pharmaceutical grade natural nutrition form. When we take our supplements on a daily basis, just like we would take our medications, we can get fantastic results in the way we feel each day, our overall health right now, and in building good health for the future. I can’t count the number of times that I hear people say they forget to take their vitamins, or a 30 day supply will last someone for six months. To get the best results, proven benefits of being healthier, we need to take our food supplements every day.

Cardiac arrest and heart attacks cause irreversible damage, including losing one’s life. Sometimes that happens and there doesn’t appear to be a logical reason because the person was seemingly healthy or even ‘doing all the right things’. Most often though, there are warning signs that are not being managed well.

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  1. Hi five folks – strange fact of life – we don’t appreciate our good health until something happens to it and then we are ill? – every time I take my little dog for a walk I’m thinking how does my body feel today – and thankfully most day’s I feel absolutely great what I’ve started to notice is when I feel good from the inside out! – I seem to float when I walk as if I don’t have a bony structure holding me up – more dynamic than that! – I put this down to eating the right kinda foods the days before – drinking plenty of water – sleeping well – having no stress either in my mind or in my body – its a feeling I want to take to my grave in quiet a few years from now! lol – So as I said every time I take my dog for a walk I understand what’s going on inside my body??? – and that my friends is what we all should be doing…

    All my best to you and your regular loooong walks
    Phillip Skinner

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