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1 thought on “Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack in Men”

  1. Hi five folks – strange fact of life – we don’t appreciate our good health until something happens to it and then we are ill? – every time I take my little dog for a walk I’m thinking how does my body feel today – and thankfully most day’s I feel absolutely great what I’ve started to notice is when I feel good from the inside out! – I seem to float when I walk as if I don’t have a bony structure holding me up – more dynamic than that! – I put this down to eating the right kinda foods the days before – drinking plenty of water – sleeping well – having no stress either in my mind or in my body – its a feeling I want to take to my grave in quiet a few years from now! lol – So as I said every time I take my dog for a walk I understand what’s going on inside my body??? – and that my friends is what we all should be doing…

    All my best to you and your regular loooong walks
    Phillip Skinner

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