Cruise Ship Nausea

cruise ship nausea

How would you like to go on a cruise, possibly your first and one that you’ve looked forward to for a long time, and end up like the passengers on the recent Carnival Cruise Ship that had power failure? Even if you are a veteran cruise passenger, you need some pampering after the horrific experience. One of my favorite groups of people to share natural nutrition with is cruise ship passengers because they love the soothing stomach complex that helps motion sickness, nausea and upset stomachs so much! Talk about raving fans! (see testimonies below)

I have always wanted to go on a cruise but have yet to plan this kind of vacation. Family members and friends have gone and I hear mostly all rave reviews of cruise ships, all the amenities, locations, fun times, etc. The biggest complaint I have personally heard is that people get sea sick, or nauseous – and how it can really hinder a good time.

Carnival Cruise Ship Passengers

..and all cruise ship passengers should pack some Stomach Soothing Complex before they board the boat.

Stomach Soothing Complex is a blend of herbs that have been used for centuries to calmed upset stomachs, including discomfort caused by motion sickness. The great thing about Shaklee’s herbal remedies is that they combine ingredients that work synergistically together to provide you even better results than any one would provide on its own. This formula is also great for relief of basic indigestion which people of all ages experience regularly – so there are multiple benefits.

The good news is that the passengers are safely home, and that from advertised reports the staff received many kudos for dealing with such a stressful situation. Below are some news reports if you have not had a chance to read about how the engine room failure caused the Carnival Cruise Ship to lose power and what the passengers experienced during the aftermath.

Cruise Ship Engine Failure

CNN Followup Report

More About..

Stomach Soothing Herbs

Both peppermint and ginger were mentioned in the very first recorded herbal texts and were used extensively by early cultures. If you have nausea, vomiting, indigestion, stomach ache, ulcer, heartburn, or food poisoning – peppermint and ginger can help. It calms and soothes and has no side effects.

Another good use is if you are going on a cruise or other boat and get sea sick or you get car sick or air sick. The nausea that is related to motion sickness can be soothed with Shaklee’s all-natural peppermint and ginger stomach soothing supplement.

Shaklee Soothing Stomach Complex contains peppermint that is a source of menthol and ginger – both which have been used for their soothing effects on the stomach. Also included in the formula is anise and fennel. Everyone I know that tries this product loves it – because it works so well and the relief you get is such a good feeling!

stomach soothing


Motion Sickness.. and more

The Peppermint – Ginger combination in Shaklee Stomach Soothing Complex has multiple benefits.

What makes ginger stand out among herbs is its effectiveness in treating nausea and vomiting. Many use it as a preventive measure for motion sickness…taking a few pills before they board the plan or go for a sail on some rough seas. Expectant moms love this product to ward off the morning sickness. It’s a favorite in many a natural first aid kit.

What we eat often triggers the heartburn, stomach aches, gas and bloating and even constipation. The essential oil in Peppermint contains menthol that has a direct antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscle of your digestive tract. So it can sooth the nerves of your stomach to help those who might have what they call a ‘nervous stomach’. As the peppermint soothes and calms the stomach and intestinal muscles, it really help relieve that “oh I ate too much” feeling along with heartburn and gas. It’s been said that about 5 million Americans suffer some IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. Here’s to a healthy, happy tummy.   -Moyra


After I had my gall bladder removed last year, I still suffered from terrible stomach pain. I had an endoscopy which showed hyper-acidity but no infection. My internist, who is also a gastroenterologist, told me that the condition was probably genetic. He prescribed a series of drugs — Prilosec, Prevacid, Aciphex and Protonix which either worked for a short period of time or not at all.

In desperation I tried Shaklee Stomach Soothing Complex. I knew that even if it didn’t help, it wouldn’t hurt me. Bingo, the discomfort was gone! It sometimes comes back (depending on what I eat), but not to the same degree I had. I suffered from extreme pain for two days a few weeks back and then realized that I had forgotten to take my Stomach Soothing Complex. I started taking it again and the pain subsided. I told my doctor and he said: “Good, keep taking it.” I told him that I have been taking Shaklee Alfalfa tabs for my bursitis and he said that if it works for me I should keep taking them. This is amazing stuff!   -Glen

Irritable Bowel & Acid Reflux

I had been diagnosed with irritable Bowel and esophageal reflux over a year ago. I was given prescription for the reflux condition, but tried to control the IBS with diet. No dairy, roughage, chocolate, caffeine, etc. In other words, taking the fun out of eating!

Shaklee’s Optiflora was a Godsend. Chris recommended I take 2 capsules and 1 Herb Lax. My condition has subsided, no diarrhea, bloating or cramping.  I can eat anything as long as I don’t overdo. I have not had an IBS spell for months. By adding Shaklee’s Stomach Soothing Complex, I no longer need a prescription medicine for the reflux condition either. Thank you to Shaklee’s wonderful research department.

The science and research Shaklee has been committed to for over 57 years is what makes the difference in giving us such great, effective, natural supplements that can help different health challenges we have. All natural means only side benefits, no side effects – and that is such a welcome thing when it comes to our good health.

To learn more about Shaklee Stomach Soothing Complex, click the image below.

Stomach Soothing Complex Shaklee

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