STOP Making Losing Weight So Hard: Shaklee 180 Review

Shaklee 180

January is traditionally a time when new resolutions are made and weight loss ranks up at the top of the most popular resolutions.

Have you tried diet programs in the past?  Chances are the answer is YES.  Many of us have and the number of diets ‘out there’ are proof of this.

Why don’t diets seem to work?  Why do we start diets and then stop them?  Why are we always looking for the next magic diet?

These are good questions.  I am not sure anyone has the answers, unless it is because some of them are not realistic to keep on an ongoing basis, or maybe because you lost the 20 lbs that was your goal and don’t like the diet enough to stick with it.

Dieting can be very hard.  The reason you need to diet may be a health matter.  Maybe you must lose weight.  Your weight may be affecting your health in serious ways, or you are tired of having low energy levels and don’t like your quality of life.

For others it might be reasons like a wedding or another special event.  Maybe you are not happy with your appearance and it’s starting to affect your self-esteem.


Losing Weight


How much weight do you want to lose?  Some of us want to shed only 10 pounds and others may need to lose 50 or 100 pounds, or more.  The rate of overweight and obesity in this country is very high.

Have you lost hundreds of pounds over the years?  Congratulations!  But what about the hundreds you gained back?  Not so good.  Yo-yo dieting is not uncommon.

When you yo-yo diet, you start by beginning your diet. You lose weight (hopefully fat) but you also lose muscle.  That’s not good because you need muscle to keep burning fat.

Next you stop the diet, and most of the time you gain back fat – not muscle.  Now you have the fat back but less muscle.  This process is repeated over and over again, and it is how you can end up worse off than before dieting.

Most of the diets we choose expect us to give up too much.  They aren’t designed to last and become part of our life for the future.  We’re not alone when we can’t stick to these diets.  The majority of us do not stay on a diet.

Instead of a diet, have you ever considered an Inch Loss Plan – a plan for ordinary people.  A plan that helps us keep our muscle that burns our fat.

When scientists discovered a way to use leucine – an amino acid that builds lean muscle – in a weight management program, it became something that can work for everyone.

Putting muscle in your diet helps you break the old diet cycle of losing fat and muscle, gaining back more fat when you stop the diet – and possibly doing that over and over, ending up with less and less muscle.

Keep Your Muscle


How would you like to preserve 100% of your muscle and only lose your FAT?

Fat takes up more space than lean muscle.  In fact, a pound of fat is 3 times as big (and a lot squishier) than a pound of muscle.  So you also see a significant inch loss – bring on the ‘goal jeans’!

Health-wise, this is very good because you can get a reduction in your waist to hip ratio.  Large waists and abdomen areas increase your chance of developing a number of health issues that can lead to serious illness and disease.

Where you carry your weight is what doctors are concerned about.  Heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes are  associated with being overweight.  Conversely, maintaining a healthy weight helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Not all of us want to lose weight for health reasons but if we can help our health and feel better – more energized, less winded during activity, and able to accomplish more throughout the day – these are all benefits that we will come to enjoy.


Shaklee 180


What’s different about the Shaklee 180 weight loss program is that it was developed after years of scientific study – study of diet programs, healthy options for losing weight, and the way athletes benefit from using leucine to maintain lean muscle for better health and performance.

You may have tried a diet with meal shakes in the past.  But you haven’t tried 180 smoothies.  People drink these shakes as meals even when they are not on a diet.  Bottom line is that they taste good and the way they make you FEEL keeps you drinking them.  Personally I have been drinking them as my breakfast since they were introduced about three years ago.

The Shaklee 180 program consists of a smoothie with Leucine for breakfast and lunch.  There are also protein meal bars that can be substituted for a change or for convenience as a meal on the go.

easy smoothie

So you mix up a shake.  They are great on their own with milk, juice or water.  Or you can add fruit or follow one of the recipes provided as support for the program.

Here’s where 180 smoothies with leucine are different from other shakes:  they are more filling for a longer period of time.  You are not hungry for hours – until it’s time for another shake or your dinner.

180 snack bars with leucine can help get you through from lunch until dinner, especially if it is a bigger hour spread than from breakfast until lunch.  3 great flavor choices help you feel like you aren’t being deprived and can serve as a way to get you through the start of a Shaklee 180 weight loss program.

Sipping on the 180 energizing tea, available in two flavors, gives you an energy boost and an overall feeling of well being during the day.  It is low in calories unlike a lot of coffee drinks, soda or other drink options.  A combination of teas that are currently being associated with different health benefits, 180 tea in convenient strips are  portable to take along anywhere with you.  Simply add to a water bottle or some hot water for a warm cup of tea.

Shaklee 180 Metabolic Boost is the nutrient tablet you take to support your metabolism during your weight loss program.  It is very easy to take just one tablet with each meal.

Also part of Shaklee 180 is a support system that gives you healthy dinner ideas, shake recipes, answers to questions you may have, and a resource to connect with others who are using 180 to lose weight, fat and inches and keep your lean muscle. There’s a mobile app and integration with Facebook, plus lots of prizes awarded every week.

180 is not emotional.  It is based on science.  It comes from a company that has provided products based on science for over 50 years.  There is a level of comfort and trust knowing that and knowing this weight loss program will work.  I will help us accomplish the goals we have – whatever they are.

Shaklee 180 is about building health while you lose weight and making you beautiful the way you want to look and feel.

Getting started is easy.  There is the starter kit that’s shipped by 2-day FedEx at no extra cost and free Shaklee membership is included that gives you 15% off all Shaklee products every day.

180 after after picture


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    Cinch is as much as a weight management/maintenance program as it is a weight loss program.

    Keeping your muscle that burns fat and losing the pounds and inches you want, in a healthy way, is
    a plan that works for the long term.

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