Colds, Sore Throats and Fatigue Need THE NASTY!

Colds, sore throats, fatigue, and other minor illnesses are part of life. Right? Not so fast. Many folks have not yet met THE NASTY!

you ask?

THE NASTY has been an awesome product for my family (and thousands of other families) to fight off sore throats, colds, and other nasty germs that want to take us down.

We like to keep healthy, keep going, not have anything put us down! When we ‘get exposed’ or ‘feel like’ a nasty is coming, we use THE NASTY!

Germs and other ‘bad stuff’ don’t like THE NASTY much. We think it is powerful stuff and fights back hard.

Created over 50 years ago, the THE NASTY has been a product many, many folks have used for all of these years since then, and would not be without. It sits in the medicine cabinet in many homes, goes on vacations, is given as gifts. THE NASTY is one appreciated product!

There have been common cold statistics that indicate on average children have six to ten colds per year, and can have as many as twelve. Sore throats and colds are among the most common reasons people visit their doctor. Many folks have mild to moderate fatigue before other symptoms of another illness develop.

What if we paid close attention to how we feel, and went on the attack with THE NASTY next time we think we might be getting sick?

For common illnesses, that still make us feel lousy, THE NASTY might be worth a look!

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