College Students and Scholarships to Benefit with new Fundraising Program

College students face health challenges throughout the school year due to the stress they are under with their work load, the close living situations where illnesses are passed around very quickly, and the lifestyle they lead with not enough rest and not enough nutrition in their diets.

The need for more scholarship and endowment money grows each year because there continues to be young people who are kept away from a college education due to financial hardship, and also students accumulating too much debt versus salary opportunities upon graduation.

A solution has been introduced that will greatly impact both of these situations.

Parents of college students will have peace of mind in regard to the better health of their child with the purchase of the Vitalized nutrition program from Shaklee Independent Distributors. This once-a-day strip of supplements comes in a box of 30 strips to last the month. The program was designed to provide energy and better health both right now for the consumer to feel each and every day, and optimal health for the future as well.

Purchases can be made through non-profit scholarship or endowment funds so that in addition to healthier college students, profits from sales are going right back to financially needy students. Since this is an ongoing effort, funds grow monthy and can result in significant education funds for a long time to come.

What a Win-Win opportunity!

The way this program is structured, parents can buy the Vitalized strips for themselves as well, or other family members, or even purchase other products from the company that they already buy in stores each month, with all profits going to these scholarships and endowments.

The goal here is to grow these education monies as large as we can because the need will always be there. If we can help more young people that want an education get that important degree, and keep the debt lower for all students who have need, it is very worthwhile.

More information can be found here in this Press Release.

To find out how your college or university can set up their non-profit scholarship or endowment program that promotes health and raising college education funds, contact Vicki Zerbee through this blog (look for contact box), through the Shaklee Independent Distributor website, or by emailing direct to

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