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Colon Cleansing Herbs

colon cleanse
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Did you know that 90% of degenerative diseases may be related to or are worsened by the food we eat passing too slowly through our intestinal system?

I have only done one cleanse in terms of a specific time length, focused event. A few years ago my daughter who just finished college, my husband, and I did a 10 day juice cleanse. It was informal and we kept it simple, gathering some fresh fruit and raw vegetable juice recipes and trying different ones each day. At the end we each lost weight and were happy with the fact that we ate no processed food for the duration.

The reason why I don’t do cleanses regularly is that I feel that some of the natural supplements I take help me with cleansing every day. Colon cleansing herbs are something I have used for 35 years now. In fact, the main reason I went looking for a good quality, all natural supplement brand is that I was having some digestions problems and wanted something natural that could help. I was only 20 years old and didn’t want to start on a medication I might have to take for the rest of my life, or deal with any side effects.

It was fun to go to ‘nutrition meetings’ where people gathered to learn more about nutrition and hear testimonials of what was working to help individual health challenges or to target getting and staying healthier. Healthy digestion was one of the topics discussed early on and I was very interested.

You see healthy digestion is very important to your overall wellness. If your body can’t detoxify then you are going to struggle with keeping your digestion system balanced. That’s important because there are good and bad bacteria present, and you don’t want the bad guys overpowering the good guys.

If you haven’t done a recent cleanse, or you don’t maintain a clean, healthy digestive tract, below are some reasons why you might want to do a 7 or 10 day cleanse.

*You need some digestive health because you’re having some unpleasant symptoms

*You want to jumpstart a weight loss program

*You’ve been feeling run down, tired, low energy or sick a lot

Now there are all kinds of cleanses being sold. Some are healthy and some are not. Personally, I only trust products from The Shaklee Corporation because 1) They are the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America (#trust), 2) I have used them for 35 years and get great results, and 3) since I have used them for so long, I do not know enough about other brands and have no desire to learn.

The Colon Cleanse that Shaklee designed has more than one benefit:

*Healthy Digestions
*Increase Focus and Energy
*Help with Hunger Management
*Help Improve Sleep
*Jump Starts Weight Loss

I mentioned that I take most of these products on an every-day basis, so I feel that I can keep my digestive system, including my colon, pretty balanced. Recently I read some fascinating research about an unhealthy digestive system being one of the main risk factors for many degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, macular degeneration, bowel diseases, osteoporosis, and many others. I definitely want to learn more about that.

*All affiliate products shown on this site are from the brand we have personally used for 38 years.

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Here are the products in Shaklee’s Healthy Cleanse program:


Probiotics help keep your intestines healthy. They help you keep more of the good guys we mentioned before in your intestines. The problem with most probiotics is that you don’t get enough of them delivered to your intestines because they don’t survive the acid in your stomach (maybe only 5% of what is stated on the label will reach your intestines).

We don’t have this problem with Shaklee’s Optiflora because the probiotics are inside a triple encapsulated pearl and don’t get released until they reach your intestine, and the most recent Shaklee probiotic, Optiflora DI has 4 strains that are also bioavailable at the amount stated on the label.

Probiotics have also been associated with other healthy benefits like better colon health, preventing cancer, boosting your immune system, aiding in bowel regularity, and helping you metabolize fats and sugars better. These are more reasons why you might want to take Optiflora DI every day!

Herbs for your Liver

Your liver is the final filter because it processes environmental toxins and pollutants, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and alcohol. Today we are exposed to toxins constantly thanks to our modern world. It is important to your overall health to maintain a healthy liver function. Another one of those healthy side benefits to note is that herbs that help your liver have healthy bile flow can also help your digestion.

Shaklee carefully selected a combination of herbs to help your liver better remove toxins from your body. The supplement is Liver DTX and has Milk Thistle, Schizandra, Reishi mushroom, dandelion, tumeric and more. It is excellent to take occasionally to cleanse your liver, or if you have challenges in this department great to take every day.

Alfalfa:  King of the Plant World

Shaklee’s Alfalfa formulation is one of this 60 year old company’s first products and very unique because it also helps provide so many nutrients:   calcium, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, phosporus, vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber, protein, fats, and bioflavonoids that are so beneficial to your body.

The roots of the alfalfa plant go down deep in the soil and gather those nutrients that other plants do not; and you’re getting these nutrients as close to the way you find them in food (in nature) as is possible, in the way that Shaklee makes their Alfalfa.

Also interesting about Alfalfa is how it naturally helps with digestions. This is credited to the enzymes that are found in the plant that aid your digestion of all food groups. This fact is why lots of people who have digestive issues take Alfalfa daily – not only as part of a cleanse.

Other side benefits of Alfalfa:  inflammation in different areas of your body including arthritis and your bladder (cystitis), bloating or water retention (including from PMS), and even help with your appetite if you are struggling with that.


Herb-lax is Shaklee’s gentle herbal supplement that helps your body’s natural food (and toxin) elimination process. Dr. Shaklee chose this as the second product he made because he knew (so very long ago) that one of the keys to good health is proper elimination of waste from your bowel.

I’ve heard many people say that they don’t need help in that department but I did at first, and then when I learned more about the product and how it helps you absorb other nutrients better, I have continued to use it daily for all of these years.

Herb-lax contains senna leaf powder along with eight other herbs, in a formulation designed to help speed up the movement of food substances through your intestinal system.  The best part is that you can do this without the annoying side effects of a laxative.

Here’s what is really cool about Herb-lax:  it helps with absorption as well. And this is why you might want to consider taking it every day (not only as part of a cleanse) if you have trouble absorbing nutrients optimally. Additionally the different herbs help with digestion, reducing stomach acid, and even relieving gas and stomach cramps.

Here are some side benefits enjoyed by so many people who take Herb-lax daily:  better complexion, no headaches, no bad breath, more energy and better clarity.

You can learn more about Herb-lax here:  Healthy Colon

To learn more about Shaklee’s new 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, click the box below.

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