Contaminated Fish Oil in the News

Recently there were major headlines about contaminated fish, and it had people worried about their fish consumption.  We are trying to eat more fish as part of a healthier diet, but are we introducing new problems to our bodies if this fish is contaminated?

I do try to buy fish that is not farm raised.  When we buy fish while eating out, we aren’t always sure what we are getting.  I also supplement with omega 3 fatty acids, and I make sure to choose a brand that has the highest quality and safety assurances and that uses only pure sources (guaranteed!).

Both videos below are great examples of why we need PURE, SAFE, and HIGH QUALITY fish oil choices when we are choosing to get essential fatty acids from supplements.

Doctors are recommending fish oil supplements for inflammation, heart health, and to support healthy brain, vision, and joint function.  We can make smart choices and get the benefits from fish that will help make us healthier.  We do need to do our homework when we are buying fish, consuming fish out in restaurants, and purchasing fish oil supplements.

There are also quality choices for kids fish oil supplements.  Pure DHA is associated with quite a few benefits for children, including memory, concentration, mind skills, and healthy eyes & vision.

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