Energy For Workout: Do You Have Enough?

energy for workout
Did you know that one of the most common complaints at your doctor’s office is not having the energy for workout and other physical activities, or even having the energy to get through your work day. We feel like we’re running all the time, exhausted by 5 or 6 PM, and then when it comes time to take care of our health through exercise, we have nothing left.

Back in the olden days – before computers and electronic everything – people were physically active from dawn until dusk. Their bodies were well-tuned and able to engage in strenuous activities such as farming, lumbering, house cleaning, and keeping a family fed and active.

Today, we’re so busy with commitments, jobs, family, caring for elderly parents, getting children through school, keeping up the maintenance on our homes, and a myriad of other chores and demands on our time. All we want is to sit still and relax.

But what suffers in the long run? We all do. Our bodies are weak, tired, and worn out from stress. We’re unable to walk any distance due to always having vehicular transportation. We eat unhealthy diets, engage in activities that are detrimental to our health and safety, sit in front of the television or computer for hours on end, and don’t get enough sleep.

How can we stop tearing our bodies apart and start learning how we can have energy for workout and other physical activities that will make us stronger and healthier? We need to address the stress in our lives, the foods we eat, the energy we waste, and the exercise we should be integrating into our lives.

Where do you start in your quest for energy for workout and life? First, determine if you’ve been engaging in unhealthy habits such as smoking, using a lot of over-the-counter medications, drinking to excess, or even leading a too sedentary lifestyle. These habits all leach the very life blood out of you. We all know the negative effects of smoking. Stop. Get help. Learn how to stop and get this chemical out of your body. It robs your blood of oxygen, which in turn destroys your energy levels.

Next, look at your diet. I could talk for quite a while about the benefits of eating a well balanced diet, but I am sure that you have heard sufficient information about that. The reality is that it is very hard to eat well, and even if we do eat well our food does not have the optimal amounts of nutrients that it did in the past.

Add to that the fact that we ingest so many foods that are literally robbing our bodies of nutrients – and we may not even know it. Fast foods, snack foods, prepackaged foods, red meats, sugars, and chemicals in the foods (or on the foods) deplete the very nutrients our bodies need and contribute to illness and disease.

One of the quickest and most reliable ways to develop energy for workout and doing other productive things in your life is to change your diet to include fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, organic products including breads and pastas, whole grain rather than wheat, and limiting processed foods, meats, and cheeses (See the end of the article for additional energy sources).

You can find some amazing information about the effects of a healthy diet on your ability to develop energy for workout and to help yourself be more fit and healthy. Also worth your consideration is knowing that taking natural nutrition supplements such as good quality vitamins and minerals has been proven to build better health and increase energy levels and general feelings of well being.

If you do nothing else, consider working on changing the foods you eat and add a high quality, pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin to your daily diet (for nutrition insurance) and see how well you feel in a short period of time. You can have more energy for workout and you can feel healthier as well as be building better health for your future. You also have healthy choices for a quick energy boost that are better for you than many of the high sugar or high caffeine energy products on the market.

For a quick way to increase energy, keep on hand in your purse, at your desk, in your gym bag or even your car – healthy Energy Chews. Not only will you get quick energy and better focus (great for working and driving), there are some healthy ingredients like B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine to go along with the natural caffeine in green tea extract. What you won’t get is a big caffeine or sugar rush spike and then a huge drop where you feel even worse. Healthy energy for workout and all through your day is a much better feeling!
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