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Every day we shower, brush our teeth, and wash our hair. But do we pay enough attention to cleansing internally? Or do we tend to ignore that until some form of disease sends us a wake-up call?

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and if the small town I live in is any indication of a nationwide situation, there are a lot of people that have bowel problems.  If you ride by the doctor offices’ parking lots they are packed, and if you miss your appointment, you may wait a month or longer for a new visit.  It is not pleasant to deal with such issues.

Did you know that well over 90% of degenerative disease conditions can be related directly to intestinal stasis – that is, a stagnant, fermenting condition within the bowels and related organs.

These issues have been known by the natural healing profession for many years, and recently being validated by mainstream medicine (finally).

An unhealthy colon may be filled with diverticula’s out-pouching of the wall of the gut, forming a sac. A healthy colon, even one of a 78 year old, will be pink and healthy.

We are not talking only about constipation. A person can move his bowels many times a day, and still be encumbered with dead cells, decaying food materials, toxic chemicals, and even parasites. All of these things contribute to the circulation of toxic agents throughout the entire body, giving rise to an endless chain of “disease” conditions.

Symptoms people have can include irritability, fatigue, gastrointestinal irregularities, allergic reactions, mental confusion, and depression.  It’s not a pleasant thing to deal with.

There are colon cleansers that doctors will suggest people use.  Many people do not get results, or they don’t like the way they feel when they use them, or maybe they have a problem using certain products.  There is a wide range of quality of products on the market.

Diet can also be part of a cleansing program.  Eating only raw foods for about two weeks and then keeping a diet of about 50 percent raw foods will work for some.  Drinking lots of water each day is also cleansing.  As in most health diets, saturated fats, sugar, and processed foods should be mostly eliminated.

These herbs are not in any way related to the artificial colon cleansers that are promoted by television. Satisfied users of this unique formula have told me that gastro-intestinal doctors should be recommending it as a safe, gentle product that WORKS!

There is an herbal product that is a combination of nine different herbs that help cleanse the body through better, more complete, elimination. It has been one of the most popular products of a certain 50+ year old company for many, many years. And it works very quick.

People get surprisingly good results (at least they are surprised!), without the usual unwanted side effects of taking a laxative or using a store bought colon cleanser. This safe and natural herbal product most often works for elimination the very next day after taking it the evening before. If it doesn’t, I remember being told 25 years ago to just double the amount you are taking.. and I have never heard anyone unsuccessful using it.

Some positive ‘side benefits’ include better complexion, fewer headaches, less bad breath, more energy and clearer thinking.

So what is in this special product? The main herb is senna leaf, which stimulates gentle propulsive contractions and inhibits stationary contractions in the colon.

The complimentary herbs include alfalfa leaf (fights fungus, anti-ulcer effect), anise seed (soothing digestive aid), blue malva flower (fiber and texture), culver root (affinity for cleansing gallbladder), buckthorn bark (purgative effect), fennel seed (anti-spasmodic), licorice root (fights bacteria), and rhubarb root (treats diarrhea).

These herbs do not act like ordinary laxatives that irritate the tissues and force the bowel to eject its contents.

That process actually weakens the organs and causes dependencies..

Herbs, being a natural food, nourish the bowel and related organs to strengthen them so that they will function entirely on their own by effectively eliminating waste materials.

NATURAL CLEANSING – 100% Guaranteed.

Once a person starts using it and getting results, there are other natural supplements that promote a healthy colon such as probiotics that has a delivery system that ensures live bacteria are not released until they get all the way through the stomach and into the intestines. We have amazing science and research at this brand that gives us these unique, health-building supplements.

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