Beware of Food Supplement Study Results in the News

GirlReadingNewspaperOver the past year or so you may have seen news headlines about taking vitamins and food supplements to build better health. This gets twisted and questions are asked about safety, efficacy or any need at all to supplement your diet.

Look at the fine print

When you hear about studies that have been conducted, look close at the details of the study. It is shocking for me to learn how they are controlled and manipulated. For example, one study reported that vitamins C & E did not reduce the risk of prostate and other forms of cancer. What they don’t prominently report is that almost 10% of the participants already had cancer, close to 50% were current or past smokers, participants could have a history of cancer, and all participants received synthetic supplements.

Natural Supplements

A long-term (20 year) landmark food supplement study showed that taking one brand of supplements produced markedly better results than another that actually produced negative results. Natural food supplements are not the same as synthetic supplements.

More flaws

Another study conducted concluded that taking vitamins C & E supplements did not lower risks of serious cardiovascular illnesses. The problem with this study was that the participants were older, over 40% already had high blood pressure, and over 10% had current heart disease or diabetes. And again, all participants were given synthetic supplements that do not work the same as natural food supplements. Also worthy of noting was that consumption of supplements was not monitored and so it was not verified that they were actually taken on a daily basis.


A few weeks ago there were headlines all over the morning news and on the internet about a dozen or so food supplements that could be dangerous to your health.  When I looked at the list, I didn’t recognize any of the supplements.  I knew the brand of natural food supplements I use did not have those ingredients.  More sensationalism?  I think so but you can make up your own mind.


I don’t know about you but when I hear a headline that is alarming or tries to create doubt in a group of people that may be affected by the news, there should be equal attention given to the details when there can be serious flaws present. This seems to be the nature of the news industry now and all the more reason to dig deeper ourselves to get to the truth of matters.


Using older individuals or sick individuals for studies targeted at health and wellness almost appears as a way of looking for undesirable results. The same may be said for choosing to use isolated synthetic vitamins instead of supplements closer to the way they would be found in food or in nature – in the form of natural food supplements.

Landmark Study

If you would like to see the long-term (20-year) study on natural food supplements that actually produces some pretty fantastic results, visit:

Natural Food Supplement Study

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