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Metabolic Cooking: Foods for Burning Fat

Have you made the decision to eat healthier? Or maybe to eat so that your metabolism helps you burn fat better?

Either way, you may think it’s going to be hard. But it doesn’t have to be! And you don’t have to bite into any burning hot peppers to rev up your metabolism.

fat burning recipes

You may have purchased a healthy fat loss recipe book and didn’t get the results you expected. Here’s why:

  • Many healthy fat loss cookbooks use foods that don’t fight fat
  • These same healthy fat loss cookbooks aren’t easy to follow and lack organization
  • You can slow down your metabolism with the wrong foods.

What I find most helpful when I start something new is to get the background information, find out the ‘why’s’ and then have a structured or organized plan to achieve my goal.  For example, you can learn a lot by reading articles like this:  29 Healthy Green Vegetables That Actually Speed Fat Loss.

There are valuable resources online if you do your research.

How would you like 250 recipes to help you burn fat more effectively. Recipes for:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Sides
  3. Red Meat
  4. Chicken & Poultry
  5. Vegetarian
  6. Snacks
  7. Smoothies
  8. Pork
  9. Fish & Seafood

But there’s more than simply getting some new recipes to try. They have to taste good. Right? And if you are really starting to eat in a new way, such as to burn more fat and get to a healthy weight, you need to get more educated about it.

I like to eat out as much as you, but truth be told it gets expensive. The food is not always great either, although I think I enjoy eating out most because it gives me a break cooking (can you relate?!!).

If I have a plan, and I know how to make a recipe, AND it doesn’t take forever in the kitchen, I feel a whole lot better about cooking. So that’s why I think it’s pretty great to find a resource like this Metabolic Cooking package that can help you cook foods that burn fat better and are healthy for you as well.

Foods for Burning Fat

Health.com lists their ‘Top Fat Burning Foods‘:   whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy products, green tea, lentils, and hot peppers.

It’s true: Certain foods have a very high thermogenic effect, so you literally scorch calories as you chew. Other eats contain nutrients and compounds that stoke your metabolic fire. Feed your metabolism with these.

WebMD lists ‘Fat Fighting Foods‘:  Greek yogurt, quinoa, cinnamon, hot peppers, green tea, grapefruit, watermelon, whole fruits like pears and apples (over fruit juices), berries, raw vegetables, sweet potatoes, eggs, coffee, oatmeal, soup, salads, vinegar, and more. If you go to the article it explains why each food is fat fighting.


Metabolic Cooking


When I found The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package, I was drawn to the promise to help bring joy into cooking for weight loss or weight management, and the idea of learning how to change the way I think about fat loss in general.

What you eat is key to how well you manage your weight, how healthy a weight you are able to sustain. Most of us eat for taste, and the good news is that food really can taste good and be fat burning, metabolism firing and healthy for us.

This package gives you more than a cooking plan. You may want to devour the whole package or select the pieces that are going to benefit you best. Either way, you are covered because there’s a ton of information, including:  

  • More than 250 Fat Torching Recipes
  • Learn About Fat Burning Foods
  • 10 Cooking and Nutrition Rules
  • How to Create Your Own Individual Fat Loss Meal Plan
  • How to Manage Your Kitchen, Meal Preparation, and Food Budget
  • Grocery Shopping Lists, Quality Ingredients Resources, Cooking Glossary
  • Videos


metabolic cooking package


To learn A LOT more about The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package, click the link below:

Click Here!


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