Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

This week I read* two articles that discuss foods that nutritionists would never eat. I was not surprised by most of the foods on the list but that’s because I read about and learn about healthy foods and healthy living. I don’t always make the best food choices but I like to be informed, and I think that many people might not be aware why they shouldn’t eat some of these foods.

Below are excerpts from the two articles and links for you to read the complete content if you would like. First I would like to look at a couple of the foods that made the list of poor food choices.

pretzels bad for you

Pretzels. Really? Good, old fashioned, popular snack pretzels? Pretzels now come in so many shapes, sizes, flavors and I guess that makes them more processed than ever but also pretty much lacking any nutrition benefit. The nutritionist that contributed pretzels as a food she would never eat said that it’s like eating a bowl full of sugar. I don’t think that’s what anyone intends when they sit down to enjoy some pretzels.

I wasn’t surprised about diet soda because, as described in the article, it has more artificial ingredients than I care to consume. I am happy that I don’t care for the taste at all. Research continues in regard to artificial sweeteners and health risks that may develop from consuming them regularly.

And think about the fact that people drink diet sodas and other beverages to avoid gaining weight when they might be getting the exact opposite effect:  “Although artificial sweeteners don’t contain calories, recent research suggests that they may contribute to weight gain by altering the composition of your gut bacteria.”  The ‘Nutrition Diva’ shares really good nutrition information like that in her podcast and at:  Quick and Dirty Tips.


foods you shouldn't eat diet soda


Everyone splurges once in a while, even nutritionists. But these healthy eaters won’t touch certain foods. We asked some of the most-famous nutritionists from around the country which foods they’d snub — you’ll be shocked by some of their responses.”

7 Foods Nutritionists Won’t Eat



hotdogs food to avoid

Some foods are both lists that I am sharing. There are a few more added to this list at Women’s Health Magazine:  14 Foods Nutritionists Never Eat.  It’s not just corn dogs at parks you may want to avoid.  Joy Bauer, health and nutrition expert at the Today Show states, “Processed meat loaded with preservatives and barely any protein? No thanks!”

Here’s one more source of foods you shouldn’t eat if you’re concerned at all about toxins, chemicals and all kinds of artificial ingredients in food:  15 Foods You Should Never Eat. If you think about it, food should be ‘real’. It doesn’t seem right to eat food that has been altered to the point where it’s loaded with chemicals.

There are sound reasons to avoid the foods discussed in these articles. If you are trying to eat healthy, choosing these foods a lot less is a step in the right direction. You can Google other lists of foods to avoid as part of daily meal. Eating some of them on occasion isn’t so bad, but the daily choices that have to be more good than bad if you want to live by ‘good food in, good health out’.

fat burning kitchen

The bad foods on these lists aren’t centered around high fat foods that can lead to overweight or obesity, but eating healthy can help you manage your weight.

To learn more about 3 foods you want to stop eating if you want to burn more fat, boost your metabolism and improve your digestion, visit:  The Fat Burning Kitchen.


*This article is part of our series on sharing health information that we find around the web that’s good to know as we look to make good food choices that help us stay feeling young, healthy and energized as we age.

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