Google Announces Environmental Efforts

Official Google Blog: Is black the new green?

Google is getting on board along with lots of other big-name brands. Yahoo also introduced environmental news (see my yahoo 360 blog). We as individuals can do something as simple as changing the cleaners in our homes, and when many of us do so, that will add up to a huge contribution to the environment!

I would like to share with you a great new Green Video from a 50 year old company that is a corporate environmental leader with a long legacy of integrity and quality products.

Simply visit: -and use Access Code 15735616 in the LEFT BOX to watch the video.

You are welcome and encouraged to pass it around to friends, family members, the folks in your office and around your clients community.

By sharing the message, there is an opportunity here to help people have safer, healthier homes, and to help our environment in a BIG, GREEN way.

This dvd has valuable information in it as well as solutions. Lots and lots of people joining together and doing one simple thing like changing the cleaners in their home, and together we can make a HUGE IMPACT on our earth and with our families.

We eliminate harmful chemicals, toxins and fumes from our home that are harmful to people and to the planet. We can eliminate thousands of containers of cleaning products when we use just one very concentrated bottle of cleaner, and add our own water. In addition there is quite an environmental savings realized in not having to manufacture or ship those extra containers.

This brand of cleaning products are unique to any green products that are found in stores, and to any other brand. Not only are they extremely safe and very easy to use, they have been tested to PERFORM! This is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Folks have been loyal users of this brand for over 50 years.

With one Clean Starter Kit, one can literally go through his or her home and collect every bottle of cleaning product. From kitchen to bathroom, all through the house, and from laundry to washing hands, this box will perform every cleaning chore. The savings realized on just one Cleaner Kit compared to the amount of products it replaces is about $3,400.00. That is big!

The purchase of one Starter Kit is also the environmental equivalent of planning 10 TREES, eliminating 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills, and eliminating 248 pounds of greenhouse gases. These numbers are multiplying in a big way when you consider that folks all over the country are purchasing Get Clean Starter Kits.

Check out the Green Clean Starter Kit here.

Vicki Zerbee


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