Graduation Day!

It was a beautiful day in Richmond, VA, yesterday when my second son, John Michael, graduated from the University of Richmond with a double major in Finance and Accounting! It was also Mother’s Day and what a gift it was to share this day with such a special young man.

Here he is with his older brother, Joe, who is also a UR graduate (’05), and sisters Jess (just finished freshman year at Lycoming College, PA, and Jill who is a sophomore in high school. Mom, Dad, nana, pap, aunt and uncle were also celebrating John’s big day!

I am sure this was a bittersweet day for John. While he is ready to move on to the next phase in his life, he has made so many friends over the past four years and I am sure it is hard to leave them. Knowing John, he will keep in touch and meet up with many of his friends real soon.

His goal is to start work soon in New York City where he hopes to lay the foundation for a successful business career. Who knows will this will actually take him, but he has some lofty goals and I feel pretty confident that he will achieve them if he stays focused and works hard.

Our time in Richmond was a whirlwind couple of days with graduation events, fine dining, meeting new people, and of course the dreaded job of packing a school year’s worth of possessions, and trying to clean up an apartment where four great guys lived pretty roughly. And that is stating it mildly. Oh my, not sure how exactly one lives as they did.

We are back home and most of us will be at work (school for Jill) tomorrow. John will start the next season of his life, and my bet is that he will make sure that it will be all that he wants it to be. Here’s to your success John!!

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