Grapeseed supplement and now Resveratrol

Grapeseed supplement, or grape seed extract, is an antioxidant that fights free radicals and aging.

Research continues to bring us ingredients that help us fight aging. The video below talks about resveratrol, an ingredient that comes from the skins of red grapes, and how current research shows such promise for it to help us in our quest to stay young.

Calorie restriction can help us live longer by turning on the sirtuin gene in our body that is associated with aging. The problem is that most of us can’t cut our calories by 30% as an ongoing practice. When scientists discovered that resveratrol will also turn on that same sirtuin gene.. it became a passion to discover how to bring resveratrol to people right now.

Scientists are working on a prescription resveratrol product, but it is still years a way from market. For now, we have resveratrol in supplement form. It is important to find a high quality, pure, pharmaceutical brand that will safely give you the results you seek without side effects.

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  1. I have been taking resveratrol for quite some time now. I happened across an interview with Barbara Walters and it sounded good to me and I recieved the first bottle free and I have been using it since. I am 58 years young and still working hard. I was on a roof the other day snaking a drain and I fell off the roof, landed on my feet, flexed my knees, Man i feel young.

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