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Every day my email box gets bombarded with healthy topics that made news this week (yes, I know I signed up for all of this information), and of course we have newspapers sitting around the house (my husband likes these more than I do.. maybe because they really do ‘sit around’ too long).  You may have heard a headline in passing, or maybe you had a busy week and didn’t get much news.  Either way, maybe you will see something that interests you or you would like to further research.

Let’s start with some anti-aging newsmakers:

I must say that it is fascinating to me to learn of the links between diet and illness, about nutrients in the body and how lack of them can cause disease, and how natural nutrition can build good health.  I have always been one to seek out the natural alternatives to address non life-threatening health challenges.  I believe that nature can heal the body, or just get it to function like it is intended to work.

One example is inflammation.  There are many scientists who believe that inflammation in the body is the root of many diseases that we get.  There are different causes of inflammation and one can be related to diet.  What we eat, and nutrients we add to our diets, can also manage inflammation.  It is a two-way street and there are answers to help us get the outcomes we want.


Arthritis is one such ailment that is associated with inflammation.  It is a chronic disease that results in pain, stiffness, swelling, and did I mention pain?  There may not be a cure, but there is help.  Losing weight is suggested, dietary changes are recommended, and there are natural remedies as well as pharmaceutical drugs that are used to manage symptoms.  The USA Weekend (print version) for January 22-24, 2010 included an article, ‘Getting Older & Better.  It noted a study where after dental problems that arthritis sufferers had were treated, their arthritis symptoms improved (another link to treating root of inflammation?).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C gets a boost for its help with aging skin in the same USA Weekend edition.  It talks about how there have been claims for a long time about Vitamin C benefits for skin.  Now researchers say that Vitamin C can not only promote skin healing but also protect against free-radicals that age skin.  The opportunity to undo DNA damage should put Vitamin C on close watch for aging baby boomers.

It never ceases to amaze me when I read something like this.. that we are always ahead of the industry!  We have talked about the fact that Dr. Shaklee (and now the Shaklee scientists) were many years ahead of their time.  We have had a unique, aging skin repair system WITH VITAMIN C for years now.  And Shaklee science found a way to stabilize the Vitamin C present in the product so that high levels will be available to the skin in order to provide such fantastic results.  And of course, like all products from this brand, there is a 100% money back guarantee (that’s how sure we are that you will get results!).

Vitamin D

Are you deficient?  There is an astounding 8 million American women and 2 million men who have osteoporosis, and 34 million more at risk (USA Weekend).  Wow.  Having enough Vitamin D in your body can help prevent osteoporosis, and also heart disease.  Many folks are finding out through regular blood work that they have low levels of Vitamin D.  It might be worth getting it checked out if you have symptoms like .  A supplement is recommended in many cases because it is hard for people to get enough from their diet, especially if they are already deficient.


Some new links to disease:  Cancer association with cholesterol?  New research links having high HDL (good) cholesterol to a 14% lower risk of cancer in men over 50; and for guys over 55 there was a 59% lower risk of prostate cancer when total cholesterol was less than 200 mg/dL.


Salt intake needs to be minimal for a number of reasons and studies show that one in particular is linked to heart disease and stroke.  People are salting their foods more than is recommended and simply cutting back by 5 grams per day – that is a little less than one teaspoon – can reduce the risk of having a stroke by 23% and lower cardiovascular disease risk by 17%.


Book review on Aging Getting Better with Wine (resveratrol).

And last.  There was doubt posted this week about the benefits of resveratrol.  It was in reference to the ongoing research on a pharmaceutical product.  You have companies in competition with each other and one is saying that the research of the other is not holding up.  When you look closer, they are not doing the same studies and you always have to wonder what the agenda is when one company attacks another.

I choose to stick with the science and research of the supplement brand resveratrol that I use every day because 1) I trust the science and integrity of this brand, 2) I am getting great health results, and 3) there is no pharmaceutical product out yet – and maybe there never will be.  It might be just enough resveratrol in natural supplement form to help us live longer and healthier.

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