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There are some interesting  pieces that I read this week and would like to share.

First comes from the Bottom Line Personal publication that I have subscribed to for years.  It always has good articles and interesting ideas that are presented.  In a feature called, "The Case Against Vitamins", it is reported that at least half of American adults take vitamins and other supplements regularly.  Of course I am right in there with that number and as a Shaklee Distributor take lots and lots of supplements. 

It goes on to point out some interesting facts that were taken from a recent report by a panel of advisers at the National Institutes of Health:  1) Anyone who eats fewer than 1500 calories per day SHOULD TAKE A DAILY MULTIVITAMIN.  This would include most everyone on any kind of weight loss program.  2)  Women who are trying to conceive and those who are in their first trimester of pregnancy SHOULD TAKE A DAILY MULTIVITAMIN.  3)  Those over age 70 may need vitamin D and calcium supplements.  While they found that there is not enough evidence to recommend the use of vitamins and supplements to prevent chronic disease, why should we wait until they figure this out?   

There was concern expressed that megadoses of supplements may cause health dangers.  I agree with this and it is one of the very reasons that over twenty years ago I chose a health and wellness company that I trusted, and that made products that are very balanced and are as close to the way you would find the nutrients in nature as they possible can be.  Plus I follow the VERY SAFE recommended dosages and have always been confident in the beneftis these products provide for my body.  The other reason I agree with the concern over mega doses is that because the vitamin and supplement products are not regulated by the government, there are products out there that are NOT SAFE and can be harmful, some even with normal dosages.  The bottom line here is to do your research and choose a company you trust.

My concern is that it is very hard to get the nutrients we need to be healthy from food alone.  This is due to many factors including the foods we choose to eat, the fact that there aren’t the nutrients present in many of the foods available to us that there once was, our busy lifestyles that many times lead us to quick meals that are not nutritious, and the increased exposures to that which can cause disease and illness and require our bodies to be healthier to fight.

I wouldn’t continue to take products over 20 years if they were not having such a wonderful effect on my health.  I know the odds for disease in one’s life are increasing daily.  It is all around us.  I am doing what I can to take charge of my own good health.  That is really what we all have to do. 

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