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It is encouraging to read more in newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials, and to hear on television news programs, more information on wellness. Building good health makes a difference in the way that we feel every day, how we fight the germs and illnesses we are exposed to, and what our future holds for us in terms of quality of life and longevity.


Today, I thought I would share some recent health topics that I have read or heard. First is a story about managing allergies in school aged children. It came from the USA Today Weekend supplement. It talked about how classrooms can be a source of exposure to allergens. That’s just what we needed to hear! Dust, mold, classroom pets, airborne particles that come from chalkboards and chemicals used to clean the buildings can all contribute to allergy symptoms in children (and adults).

Of course suggestions were given such as notifying the school personnel of your child’s allergy symptoms, checking the lunch menu for potential allergy triggers, having a treatment plan established at the school for your child, and providing current emergency contact info.

Also part of the article was the recommendation to teach the child about the potential problems that can affect allergy symptoms, and how to make smart decisions in regard to the allergy condition. What I would add to this, as I have been talking about for months, is to have a plan to build the immune system because that has been shown to help allergies in both children and adults.

Limit Sugar and Flour

My next topic also came from USA Weekend and it was an article about skipping sugar and flour. Information from the article was centered around Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, Why Our Health Matters. I think that we have seen and heard a lot about how sugar and white flour not only have little nutrition value for us, they can actually cause or worsen health problems. Dr. Weil teaches that we should eat for optimal health. Many of us eat for taste more than for our health.

It makes sense that what we put into our bodies is what we are going to get back. Sugar and flour are primary links to overweight and obesity. They are linked to diabetes and other health problems. It’s not only how much we eat that is a factor, but also what we are feeding our bodies. Fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended over processed foods that are high in sugar and flour. But it is the mindset that I feel needs to change. We have to choose to eat for our good health, and that comes from the brain and not the stomach.

Raisins for Pain Relief?

I found this story interesting in our local newspaper. There was a question written for the doctor that talked about how the writer’s grandmother used gin-soaked raisins and how it helped her mobility as she aged. The writer claimed the same helped his painful knees more so than any pain relief medication he has tried.

The doctor responded that while we don’t know why these raisins seem to help joint pain, there are many people who have experienced it. The recommendation is to put golden raisins in a shallow container and pour just enough gin over them to cover. The gin should evaporate and the serving size of the raisins is 9 per day. If you have a sulfite sensitivity, you should use black raisins. This is another home remedy that you may be familiar with or have used. If so, leave a comment.

(If you are looking for a very effective pain relief cream, I have personally used Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream and have referred it many times as well.)

Green Pregnancy

And finally, the last article goes back to the USA Weekend paper and discusses how to have a green pregnancy. I like this article because I feel that if women start to think more about being green, it will have long lasting effects on the family she is starting or growing as well as the environment. The focus on eliminating toxins, chemicals, and fumes from the air in the home helps the baby while it is developing inside of his or her mother and then later when born into the healthier home. Cleaning products, personal care products (hair dyes, nail polish, shampoos, cleansers, lotions), construction dust, and paint are all potentially irritating or harmful.

Taking calcium can be a green thing to do because it can help reduce the amount of lead in breast milk going to the baby. Also discussed were organic baby clothing, and taking organic baby wash and baby lotion to the hospital so that you don’t have to use their supplies that may contain harmful plastics. Did you know that newborn skin is significantly thinner than adult skin and absorbs toxic chemicals more easily.

You may want to check out safe, high quality, organic baby lotion and baby wash.

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  1. baby clothings should be loose and as comfortable as possible because babies are not very tolerant temperature extremes’~~

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