Healthy Living Part I: Clean Challenge

I was blown away when I first heard the effects that ONE BOX of products can have!

Shaklee Distributors are spreading the word to one family at a time.  For those families who want to do their part in creating a safer, healthier environment where we all live and breathe every day, there is quite a significant impact they can have.

By helping the environment, they also provide a safer, healthier home where their famiies won’t be exposed to toxins and chemicals that are harmful.  Most people would be shocked to know exactly what is contained in the products they use every day in their homes.  It is widely accepted that a name-brand product is safe, but that is not always the case.

Your home should be the safest place in the whole world, free of toxins and harmful chemicals.  I encourage everyone to take some time and Read Those Labels.  You might be surprised at what you see.

The New Clean Starter Kit that Shaklee Distributors are sharing is a box of products that will tackle any cleaning project you have in your house, from routine daily chores to bigger tasks.  All have been tested against those major name-brand products and CLEAN AS WELL OR BETTER.  Plus these are concentrated products that save a family significant household money.

Now for more exciting facts.  The opportunity a family has to impact our environment in a safe, clean way is very impressive. 

Purchase of just one Get Clean Starter Kit eliminates 108 lbs of packaging waste from landfills, eliminates 248 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions, and is the equivalent of planting 10 trees.  This is just one family’s impact.

Those facts translates into the following:  

12 Families each using a Get Clean Starter Kit are responsible for 1,292 lbs of waste eliminated in landfills, 2,976 lbs of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and 120 new trees.

To get a greater feel for the impact once this circulates, 100,000 families who use a Get Clean Starter Kit can have a huge impact on our environment by:

*Eliminating 10 million lbs of waste from landfills

*Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 12,000 Tons

*Saving 1.2 million gallons of gas, and

*Being equal to 1 Million new trees planted.

Starter Kits may be purchased online and delivered right to your door.  All items included are shown on the website, and there are lots of testimonies and helpful hints to share!

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