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Today I read some powerful testimonies on a Skin Care Product* this company makes (see below). I knew this was a quality product that worked very well for skin redness on the face. I don’t have personal experience with it since I use the AM* and PM* products and they work great for me. Recently, I saw the results one lady got that were quite impressive, and if I had a certain skin care issue I wouldn’t hesitate to put my belief in it just from hearing of the successes people have had.

While at the 50th Anniversary celebration in SanFrancisco last summer, I met a women who had serious skin situations she had dealt with.  Her skin would actually peel off and be red all of the time.  This was not due to sun or sunburn.  She just had very sensitive skin.  Even the other products of this brand did not work for her.  She asked one of the company scientists for help and he recommended This COMPLEX along with the sunscreen (same brand of course), and to use them both everyday.  She had miraculous results.  Her skin was so beautiful it was hard for the rest of us to believe her when she told us of all the struggles with her skin.  It made her a believer and a successful distributor!

Some other great testimonies:

I had a patch on my leg for years where a dermatologist told me "the skin just doesn’t work there".  For some reason I had an intuition to put the ‘Complex’ on the spot, and within two weeks the skin was normal, and has been for over 20 years. Pretty good stuff! -Bob

I use Calming Complex twice a day.  In the morning I put the Min* Foundation in the palm of my hand and add Calming Complex … one pump, mix and apply to my face. I love the consistency and the great natural coverage I get from this combination. In the evening I put a small amount of PM* in the palm of my hand, mix it around some with my finger, add the Complex* pump, mix and apply to my face.  Again the consistency and ease of applying PM* with this combination is especially nice and of course the main benefit is the hydration of my skin. MEN who have irritated skin from shaving, would benefit tremendously by using Calming Complex after shaving. -Lorri

I had recently asked for information from the company* about persons with Rosacea. I was immediately swamped with information about the Enf* products and how to go about using it with sensitive skin and skin with Rosacea.

I am a Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist. I have now implemented using the pur* toner and the Complex* with my clients after a Facial waxing.

I have male and female clients who get their eyebrows, face, lips and chins waxed.  Furthermore, anytime this is done, the face usually has a reddness that stays with them until they get home and a few hours afterwards. Also, they experience bumps, swelling, and sometimes a little tenderness and soreness.

I had previously used a cooling gel from the shop that works at cooling the skin afterwards, but that’s all it does. So I tried the the pur toner* and then the Complex*. Are you ready for this: It not only kept the face from flaming, bumping and swelling, but before the client even left the salonthe reddness was gone. You would never have known they had a waxing done.

Most males definitely don’t want anyone to know they are getting their brows cleaned up, and women don’t want the world to know, they are getting their faces waxed. Now, not a soul would even guess they’d had it done. The COMPLEX* took care of everything. I now use the Complex* for all my clients, not just the Rosacea clients.

Just another positive product from this company*!!!!!!

Pass this on to all the Hair Stylists Cosmetologists that you know. Have them read this email so that they can implement this into their routine and make a difference for their clients who trust them.

*Product names have been changed and company name removed to meet regulations.

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