Heart Attack Snow with Big Nor’Easter, February 6, 2010

Live from Central PA on Saturday, February 6, 2010.  We are experiencing a Nor’Easter or what newscasters are calling a Power House snow storm.

There’s a lot of snow to shovel in all areas of the eastern United States that were hit by this storm.

Important to remember:

1-  The American Association warns that for most people, shoveling snow may not lead to any health problems, however, the risk of a heart attack during snow shoveling may increase.  (Be smart about shoveling, and ask for help if you need it.)

2- Snow shoveling can be compared to weight lifting, and even a workout on a treadmill!  Be sure to pace yourself and not over-do.

3- When you go to lift the heavy snow, try to keep the shovel close to your body. Bend at your knees—not the waist or back, and use your legs to lift (not straining your back).

4- Sore muscles are another possible result of too much shoveling.   Stretching before going out to shovel is a good idea, and knowing when to stop or take a break will help in terms of how those muscles feel later.

5- ENJOY THE SNOW!  Play with the kids!  Play with the pets!  Enjoy the beauty of a fresh fallen snow – more than you worry about clean up!

Last night, we had no idea what we would end up with this morning.. although we did (personally) estimate that snow was coming down at about an inch an hour at our home..

Some of us will have a lot of fun with the abundance of snow.. and some of us will only see work ahead to clear it so we can get out. People are usually instructed to stay home unless they really have to go out.

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